I tried Pro Lash lash extensions for 4 weeks

In case you haven’t heard at home lash extensions are all the rage right now. These lash application systems advertise themselves as the salon alternative to getting longer, fuller, more beautiful looking lashes from the comfort of your home and at a cheaper price than the salon. When I had the opportunity to try the Pro Lash lash extension system I jumped at the chance to try this new trend for myself.

Photo of women with Pro Lash DIY lash extension at home system


Pro Lash was founded by CEO Haley Chipman who used her 10+ years of working as a professional lash artist to create the perfect at home lash extension experience. With extensive testing, she and her husband Zach engineered 28 different styles of professional grade long lasting lashes that along with their Pro Lock Adhesive boast 10 days of consecutive wear – the longest currently seen on the market. With such impressive retention I had to test them out.


Trying the Pro Lash DIY Lash Extension System

In addition to their long lash retention, part of my attraction in the Pro Lash system was their simple application process. Some DIY lash systems require you to apply the bond to both the band of the lashes you are applying and to your lashes. The Pro Lash system only requires you to apply the bond to your lashes since their lashes come with an adhesive band that acts at the “first step” for you.

I decided to opt for their Classic No. 1 Starter Set.

Each starter set comes: 3 sets of lashes said to last a month, their specially designed bond Pro Lock bond adhesive, lash adhesive remover and tweezers.

The starter set is perfect for a beginner like me with no tools already on hand. All those items separately would have cost $140 but with the starter kit you get them all for $85.


Photo of woman holding Pro Lash Starter Kit with three sets of lashes a lash adhesive lash remover and tweezers


Note: The Pro Lash Starter Kit is great for those new to the system as it provides everything you need for almost half the price.


Lash Prep and Application Tips

The Pro Lash system is very beginner friendly. Their bond adhesive comes with a spoolie wand tip similar to mascara. Wiggle the wand tip at the base of the lashes and swipe up to apply the adhesive, focusing the product on the base of the lashes.


Note: Watch plenty of videos on how to apply the lashes on the Pro Lash official website before doing it yourself to get an understanding of placement and hand positioning.


Online advice says to start from the inner section of your eye moving outwards. I personally found it easier to start from the outer corner of my eyes moving inwards. My eye shape seemed shorter than the lash band width and I would hit the inner corners sooner than I was comfortable with. Trimming the longer pieces and adding them to the outer end of my eyes felt more comfortable than trimming and putting those pieces in the inner corners. In the end, choose the best method for you.


Pro Lash lash set in Classic No. 1


The Pro Lash adhesive is a very forgiving formula. If you are unhappy with lash placement you can take a section off with your tweezers and redo your application quite easily.

Before the final step, Pro Lash suggests doing a squint test. Blink your eyes and move them around to see if everything is comfortable.

Lastly, use the tweezers to crimp your real lashes and the new lash set together. Once your lashes are crimped they are locked in so make sure you are happy with your placement before crimping.


How long does an application take?

I knew my first attempt would be my worst since I was a beginner with no prior experience. It took around 15 minutes to get my lashes on comfortably. My hands had trouble figuring out the correct angle to apply the lashes evenly. Each subsequent lash application took less and less time. I even did an application right before a video meeting.


How long did the lashes last?

This is probably the most asked question about DIY lash extension systems. In my 4 week trial of the Pro Lash system I had varying results.

My first lash set lasted 5 days before I had to reapply a section. I made a lot of mistakes with that first application. I fiddled with my lash placement a lot and placed sections awkward angles. I also did not crimp my lashes or wash my lashes daily.

My second set lasted 7 days with not a piece out of place. With this set I was more careful on application and made sure to crimp them daily, both morning and night if I could. I also crimped before and after they were exposed to water and made sure to use micellar water to keep the area as oil and dirt-free as possible.

My longest lasting set was for 2 weeks with a few sections having to be reapplied. It is very easy to reapply a section. If a piece is falling off just use the tweezers to gently remove it, swipe the empty spot with a new layer of adhesive and reapply the section. I did this quite often because most of the set retained throughout my usage.

It is important to note that your lashes naturally grow and fall out and your face naturally produces oils. These factors break down the band that the Pro Lash lash set comes with. Eventually it will fall apart but not after some time with proper care.


The Key to Retention – DIY Lash Extension Care

Photo of woman using tweezers from Pro Lash DIY lash extension at home system

Part of my 14 day success came from two things: careful application and proper aftercare.

There are several things you can do in your lash aftercare to give yourself the longest retention time.

“You can use everything in your skincare/makeup routine, but we do suggest not having products with oils around the eyes.”

– Pro Lash Team

Knowing myself, I would have a hard time being careful with oil based products so I just avoided them altogether. I used a micellar based cleansing balm instead of an oil cleanser for my “double cleanse” during this time.

I also avoided sleeping on my face or side. You can sleep in any position as long as you are not pressing your eyes against the pillow. Again, I don’t trust myself so I just forced myself to sleep on my back.

Cleansing your lashes and the area also led to my longest lash wear.

“Cleanse your lashes at least once a day with an oil-free lash extension safe cleanser and use oil-free products on and around your eyes as it can affect retention. This also includes setting sprays! Wash your lashes with either a lash brush or your fingers by brushing down gently on your lashes. Pat dry them immediately afterward. For best results crimp your lashes before and after you wash the lashes.”

– Pro Lash Team

Your lashes can get wet to a degree. Water got on my lashes when I washed my face ( though I tried to use a washcloth when I could ), and when I was in the shower. These lashes also survived being caught in the rain no-problem. I never submerged my face in water or had them exposed to hot temperatures such as a sauna. Perhaps that could be a future trial.

“Pro Lash can get wet, but long-term exposure can affect retention. Crimping and washing the lashes when going through extreme environments is essential. Wait a couple of hours to get your new set of lashes wet so the adhesive can have time to cure.”

– Pro Lash Team


Should you try DIY Lash Extensions?

Photo of woman holding lash set Pro Lash DIY lash extension at home system

After my trial with Pro Lash, I am absolutely IN LOVE with at-home lash extensions.

Pro Lash was extremely beginner friendly with plenty of tips and videos on application and care. Even on my first try with questionable technique I got compliments on how good my lashes looked. Most importantly, they last a very long time, which is a testament to their incredible bond adhesive system.

This lash system is especially amazing for events or vacations where you’ll want to wear the lashes for several days without wasting time re-applying.

They are also great for those who are chronically late, like me, with an under 10 minute application time.


But we have to address the cost…

Pro Lash lash sets typically come with three lashes for $70 and that can seem pricey. However, let’s do some math on all the lash beautification alternatives*:

Strip lashes are the cheapest option and has custom length, volume, and styling. However they can be difficult to apply, you can’t sleep in them and they only last the day unless you clean them which is then around 3 uses.

Lash extensions are natural looking, water resistant, have custom styling and you can sleep in them. But they can be costly at an average $120 for the first visit, $50 for a refill every 2-3 weeks leading to approximately $170 in a month. They also require a licensed technician to apply and refill lashes.

Salon lash extensions definitely deliver the most beautiful and natural looking lashes with no risk of sections falling off ( a look far worse than gaps believe me ). Strip lashes are definitely the most cost effective solution. However, from the comfort of your home and enough lashes to last a month with control when and where you apply your lashes, $70 is not bad. And if you really like a particular style, Pro Lash offers a subscription where the set of three becomes $56.

So should you try DIY lash extensions? The answer is – YES.

From my 4 week trial with the Pro Lash system I have to say I have been educated, initiated, and indoctrinated. I love the DIY lash system and find it to be the perfect middle ground between strip lashes and salon lash extensions. They are easy to apply and great for beginners if you choose the Pro Lash DIY lash extension system. Some lifestyle routines may have to be adjusted such as adding in extra time for cleansing and crimping the lashes and learning to sleep on your back, but in the end having a set of lashes on my face means I don’t have to do much to look good everyday.

It’s easy to use, looks amazing, simplifies my beauty routine and lasts a long time – so for me, the cost and maintenance are absolutely worth it.

Final verdict – if you haven’t tried DIY lashes yet, you absolutely should.



* for the purpose of this article we will not be including mascara
** Based on current average prices for lash extensions in NYC
*** prices mentioned in this article are accurate at time of posting

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