Immaculash, Alkamind and Rootflage Are Today’s Beauty Bets

Better Than Falsies
Falsies have become the go-to for sexy eyes, but many find them a pain to put on. An easier way to achieve great volume without the trouble of stick-ons is by using the new Immaculash mascara. With its dual wand applicator, it allows you to work on longer and shorter lashes individually, lifting and curling them to create that lush pack of lashes you crave. Another great thing is that it’s contained in an inner seal that keeps the formula airtight to prevent caking, which results in a long lasting product. Think of Valentine’s day!

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Energize Your Morning
Kick into every morning in January with Alkamind Daily Greens, a doctor-formulated, rich alkaline superfood blend of 21 raw & organically grown vegetables, grasses, herbs, low-sugar fruits, antioxidants, and nutrient-rich minerals that will help you gain better mental clarity, feel good, and remained energized. This USDA Certified Organic, Dairy Free, Soy Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free mix is delicious, and imparts a naturally mild sweetness. You’ll become addicted to your great inner feeling after one try.

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Hair Camouflage
Want to stretch the time between expensive salon visits? Hide your grey with Rootflage, a temporary root touch-up powder that instantly adheres to hair and blends in it to hide your root regrowth. Apply the color with the large Kabuki brush included and work with the smaller detail brush to cover the finer hairs on the side of your face. Triple Bonus: with no harsh chemicals, it won’t damage your hair. Choose between 25 + colors and this can be used to conceal thinning hair , too.



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