In The Bag: JOJOBA LOVE Balm + Fominsoap

Multitasking balms are my jam. I think it’s fascinating how you can use a little balm for so much: lips, body, face, cuticles, elbows; the options are absolutely endless. My current favorite is Red Pantz’s JOJOBA LOVE. A spin on their cult-favorite balm, JOJOBA LOVE is made with the beautiful jojoba oil that mimics the natural oils we have on our skin. It is blended with rose and lavender which you can really smell once you apply it to your skin. Plus there is mango butter for to restore hydration. I recommend using JOJOBA LOVE to seal in any moisturizing, water based products you may put on your skin first. This balm is also fantastic for protecting skin against the winter winds, which can crack and dry you out. Try JOJOBA LOVE today, you’ll fall in love!

Despite the summer being long gone, the spirit of music festivals are still in my heart. This year I went to Firefly and had an incredible time. Music, food, vibes. Just one thing that wasn’t so great – and can be said about a lot of outdoor events – is the lack of soap 12 hours in. No matter how much I pressed, no soap came out of the dispenser. I washed with water and made do with hand sanitizer but I felt so gross. I wish I had Fominsoap. This card-size box contains 100 sheets of solid soap. For easy, messy-free, on the go washing. Best part? Great quality ingredients that are good for the planet (they even donate one tree with each unit purchased). Super simple to use: just wet your hands a bit, grab a sheet of Fominsoap and lather up. Rinse per usual and enjoy the aromas of lavender, lemon, orange or tea tree oil! Ideal for road trips, camping, or flights. Fominsoap is a necessity to staying clean and fresh all year long. Land, sea, or air: Fominsoap is there.