In The Bag: Small Travel Products That Make A Huge Difference

When you need them most on the road, in the air, or on a trail, these products will feel like a veritable godsend:

Good Wipes</strong> keep you clean in a toxin-free way with these three types of plant-based, hypoallergenic + biodegradable wipes: Lavender Body Wipes, Down There Wipes, and All-Purpose Good Wipes. The Good Wipes are made of wood pulp soaked in purified water. Anyone who travels knows that you need to clean hands, faces, coffee spills, airplane trays, untrustworthy restrooms, baby bums, and more (especially if traveling with children). Down There Wipes (“You’re a Vagenius”) are soothing and PH-balanced with bamboo and wildgrass, 99% purified h2O, and no dyes. Ideal for that time of month, cycling, gym workouts, before and after dates, hot days, and more, these V-Fresh wipes come in a biodegradable pack of 16. The Goodwipes Lavender Body Wipe is exactly what you need when you wake up at your destination on a plane — it’s basically a shower in a wipe, and just as wholesome and clean. Plus, it smells incredible! Contains natural tea tree oil for a fresh scent. No fake fragrance in any of these products – so do more, live clean, feel great, and explore the world (when you can). Check out their variety packs, too.

The Peak Scents Travel Kit
The Peak Scents Power Repair Travel Kit for skincare is 100% natural, holistic skin care from two second-generation herbalist sisters, founded in 1990 and based in New Mexico. This line is also rich with nourishing organic herbs, paraben-free, SLS-free, fragrance free, dye-free and free of all other toxins. The Power Repair Sunscreen SPF 15 is packed with antioxidants, mineral block, zinc, vitamin C ester and organic green tea. Wherever you roam, take this protection. Their Hydrating Face Mist with aloe vera will hydrate you on planes, trains, and in automobiles. Vitamin C Solution with vitamins and alpha lipoic acid, green tea and MSM (oil free) will keep your skin healthy. The Facial Toner is for all skin types and hydrates and soothes. The Facial Cleanser is also for all skin types and is gentle with aloe vera, green plants, orange, lemon, and witch hazel. The Skin Serum contains vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, DMAE and green tea. Finally, the Organic Skin Therapy Oil contains delicious rosehip seed, calendula flower and green tea. So enriching on the skin! Pack y our bags and include as many of these Power Repair products as you can, since they’re all beneficial. All items are under 4 ounces – perfect for your next trek.

Stay safe as you roam, and remember that these little things mean a lot when you need them the most.