It’s NOT a Collection: Juliette Has a Gun’s Stunningly Unique Line

I’m officially making the move to New York City. With moving comes many tedious tasks paired with nights where you think “I didn’t bring,” fill in the blank! Juliette Has a Gun, a French fragrance line created by Romano Ricci, great grandson of fashion designer Nina Ricci, creates elegant perfumes suited for every occasion. My sister and I had the pleasure of meeting the JHAG team in April at their Juliette fragrance launch event, and we thoroughly enjoyed testing out the perfumes. My favorite was NOT a Perfume, a refreshing scent part of the NOT a Collection line, made up of several household items I was thrilled to try. 

Each product from the line is infused with the famous Cétalox, a note that can act as a base to be worn on its own, or paired with a plethora of scents. The NOT a Detergent is arguably the most useful of the bunch. When I heard it was the Brand Manager’s favorite, I knew it had to be brought with me! The concentrated formula infuses the fabric with a scent that is both clean and sophisticated, elevating laundry day to a more pleasant sensory experience. It’s a particular “stand out,” and adds a level of class to your laundry load.

NOT a Bar Soap continues the theme of elevating a daily routine. The soap’s rich texture is paired with a lather that is well suited for skin, dishes, or anything that needs cleaning! It’s a bar that not only cleanses but leaves the classic scent behind, making each wash a little less mundane. Pair it with NOT a Shower Gel for a luxurious bathing experience.

The NOT a Body Lotion is a silky-smooth lotion that truly makes me feel fancy. As June can be brutally hot in New York City, I love that it’s light and easily absorbed. Shea butter and glycerin are the star ingredients, making the skin soft, hydrated, and supple. If that sounds appealing to you, NOT a Hand Lotion is the perfect companion, a great option to store in the bathroom or to bring on the go.

NOT a Room Spray is another favorite of mine. With just a few spritzes, it can change the ambiance of the room, creating an atmosphere that is inviting and sincere. It instantly refreshes the space with the simple, yet unique scent. The fragrance is designed to complement your home, and is officially on my list for future purchases!

Lastly, NOT a Perfume is the queen of the collection. My new everyday scent, this fragrance is truly that girl, and differs from anything I’ve ever tried. I personally love layering it with a sweeter scent for a more complicated wear. It can appeal to fragrance minimalists, yet is extremely impactful. Every spray is designed to melt with the user’s chemistry, and makes wearing perfume a genuinely personal experience. 

You can find NOT a Collection on Juliette Has a Gun’s official website.