Julep Beauty’s Everyday Easy 4-Piece Kit Streamlines Your Beauty Routine

Julep Beauty recently launched an everyday makeup kit that will streamline your beauty routine. Actress Anna Camp is a fan of the brand. She curated four essential beauty products that do the work of seven. 

The Julep x Anna Camp collaboration features the four products Anna uses in her routine. The new set is called the Everyday Easy 4-Piece Kit. It contains the brand’s four most popular products: Cushion Complexion Concealer, Length Matters Mascara, Eyeshadow 101, and Skip the Brush 2-in-1 Color Stick for Cheeks & Lips. Anna shows how to use each product on her Instagram page.

I tried the Cushion Complexion Concealer with medium coverage. This product serves a triple purpose as a concealer, corrector, and foundation. You can use it for allover coverage or as a spot concealer. It had a creamy application that left my skin smooth without the cakey finish. The coverage was buildable, so I could customize it to my preference. This concealer blended seamlessly, and the product soothed my skin with no irritation.  

Like the Cushion Complexion Concealer, the Length Matters Mascara also has buildable coverage. I swiped some Jet Black on my lashes, building them to a healthy crescendo. Julep Beauty’s mascara made my eyes pop, and the formula didn’t irritate my eyes. It lengthened my lashes without clumping.

Julep Beauty’s Eyeshadow 101 solves a problem I have with many eye shadows: creasing. This crease-proof formulation glides on easily. This eyeshadow does not need a brush for application. Swipe the tube across your eyelids for a quick application. The formula has creamy coverage that stays in place. I tried the Putty Matte hue, which was a neutral color that dried into a subtle powder. I gently blended the color with my fingers to get the effect I was looking for. This color is perfect to wear at work because it gives a subtle shine without a glittery effect.

Skip the Brush 2-in-1 Color Stick for Cheeks & Lips is the grand finale of the set. This product works overtime as a subtle cheek and lip color. I tried the Muted Mauve tint, and it complemented the Cushion Complexion Concealer nicely. Like the foundation, it has a creamy pigment that settles into a powdery finish. It reduces the need for makeup brushes, since the product can be applied directly to your cheeks and lips. I used my fingers to dab the color onto my cheeks and build it up to a subtle rosy hue. This product has versatility and staying power, lasting throughout the day with no second application. Although I was wearing Julep Beauty’s concealer and color stick simultaneously, my makeup didn’t feel heavy. The products blurred seamlessly for a natural, elevated look. 

Julep Beauty’s Everyday Easy 4-Piece Kit offers a variety of shades, so you can mix and match depending on preference and style. This kit has everything you need to create a natural, everyday look but with fewer products.    

If you’re looking to streamline your daily makeup routine with versatile products at approachable prices, check out Julep Beauty.

Shop Julep Beauty at the brand’s website and at Amazon.

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