Julia Haart and Alina Mehrle Team Up at AMEON Skincare

Some people look at skincare as a necessity, while others view it as a wellness ritual. Skincare brand, AMEON, takes the latter perspective. This skincare company formulated a three-step system with science-backed research. Its mission is to combine skincare with cryotherapy and gratitude rituals for a healthier mind and body. 

MAY 17: Julia Haart attends AMEON x Julia Haart on May 17, 2023. (Photo by Michael Ostuni/PMC/PMC)

Julia Haart, entrepreneur, designer, and the founder of +Body shapewear recently joined AMEON as a partner and brand ambassador. Along with AMEON’s founder, Alina Mehrle, Julia seeks to transform skincare rituals for women.      

I recently attended a virtual launch event to celebrate Julia’s new role at AMEON. I was struck by the authentic, genuine relationship between Julia and Alina. These female entrepreneurs believe in each other and support one another beyond business. Julia’s enthusiasm for AMEON’s products and mission were palpable as she explained what makes this skincare brand special.  

“Connections between women are the most potentially transformative forces on the planet. I believe in women and woman-led businesses and it’s my mission to guide, support and lift them up! AMEON is a powerful and beautiful brand born of the healing, passion, and creativity of an amazing woman, Alina Mehrle. I’m proud to call her my friend and partner and will share all my experience and passion for skincare and health to help Alina shape AMEON into an industry leader. Stay tuned because we have amazing things in store for you!”

MAY 18: Julia Haart and Alina Mehrie attend AMEON x Julia Haart on May 18, 2023. (Photo by Michael Ostuni/PMC/PMC)

AMEON is a skincare brand with heart. Alina shared how her personal health journey shaped AMEON’s beginnings.      

“My skincare story began with a breast cancer diagnosis five years ago. The treatment caused extreme damage to my skin. On my journey to heal, rejuvenate, and restore it, my oncologist introduced me to cryotherapy, which completely changed my skincare routine and inspired me to found AMEON and create our signature product, Frozen Essence

About our name: AME means ‘soul’ in French and ON comes from our motto – ‘turn ON your skin potential’. As a brand, we represent the balance between two worlds, the world of nature and spirituality and the world of modern science, achievement of medicine, art, and design.”

In addition to the brand’s impactful mission, I learned more about the science that created AMEON’s current lineup: Glow Manifesto Frozen Essence, Supreme Energy Frozen Essence, Aurora Glow Serum, Baby Buddha Calming Serum, and Holy Cream Diamond Moisturizer. The company also sells a chic Headband to keep your hairline dry during application. 

I was particularly intrigued by the futuristic-sounding Frozen Essence line. These skin-icing products are activated through freezing. They’re designed to reduce inflammation and give skin a healthy glow. Frozen Essence has a sleek, fairytale packaging that calls magic to mind. Alina was excited to share how she formulated these innovative products.

“We represent a clean beauty philosophy defined by the high standards established by our scientists and team,” said Alina. “Important: we do not use the word ‘natural’ in our marketing or otherwise because no ingredients come to a jar straight from the garden. All ingredients go through a number of processing steps, so we believe it’s ethical to describe these ingredients as naturally derived. We also use high performance biotech (lab-created ingredients), like hyaluronic acid and peptides. The end result is that AMEON’s products are powerful and effective because they strike a balance between natural-derived and biotech ingredients.

Our scientists also share the view that everything that damages, inflames or irritates our skin leads to premature aging. AMEON’s formulas are powerful but gentle and healing. All five products are designed to work well together.”

While Alina and Julia are excited to share AMEON’s current products with consumers, they’re also looking forward to future innovations. Alina shared some hopes she has for AMEON’s future expansion.   

“We want to grow our collection and introduce our clients to the most innovative, gentle, and effective skincare. Right now we have four products on the pipeline. I also have a dream to develop products and distribute them for free through the hospitals, to cheer up women who are going through the rough journey of survival and remind them that light always wins through the darkness.”

Alina also has a steadfast belief in the collective power of women. When women support each other, it creates a flow of energy that knows no limit. Alina commented on how her relationship with Julia goes further than their business partnership.   

“I’m so excited to join forces with such a talented, fearless and beautiful woman like Julia. For AMEON as a brand and for me personally, it is important to have women who will stand by you, women who will reflect back to you just how much you can accomplish and share with the world. There is no greater spiritual tool for revealing your soul and potential in business than a bevy of women who believe in you!”

If you’re looking for innovative products designed to transform your current skincare rituals, check out AMEON’s skincare line. 

Shop AMEON’s products at the brand’s website.