Kiss Acne Goodbye with Soko Glam’s Soft Shield Pimple Patch

Once of the things I dread the most is getting a breakout a few days before a major event, like a presentation or a date. I find breakouts often have the worst timing, and I’ve never had any way to directly combat it besides caking the pimples over with makeup! If you relate in any way to my experience, then I’m super excited to be sharing with you Soko Glam’s most recent launch, The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patch.

Released by Soko Glam under their new brand named The Klog (inspired by their educational content site by the same name), the Soft Shield Pimple Patch is an amazing take on a skincare staple already long present in Korea: acne patches. Unlike other, more conventional acne treatments, this one has no harsh chemicals involved. Instead, these dots harness a material called hydrocolloid, which absorbs impurities and oil secreted by the skin while protecting it from any bacteria and any germs, helping acne heal and disappear faster than ever.

The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patches are made of 100% vegan hydrocolloid, which have beveled edges to provide a more flexible and secure adherence to the skin. I love that these patches are nearly invisible on any skin tone, so I can easily get away with wearing them through a video call for work or with friends. Wearing these patches helps my acne heal faster and fade quicker, so it’s given me back peace of mind on any bad skin days by knowing I have a reliable product which can get my breakouts under control. And the best part about these patches? At just $6 for 42 patches, they’re super affordable!

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