LIMBOSS: The Rose-Gold Standard for Beauty

Founder Limor Aloni channeled her expertise as a makeup artist when she curated her beauty brand, LIMBOSS. The brand’s mission is to merge makeup and skincare. LIMBOSS formulates products that will accentuate your natural features while supporting your skin’s health. This cruelty-free and vegan brand formulates quality products to promote healthy skin and a radiant glow. In addition to high-quality formulations, LIMBOSS imbues hygiene into product designs, so you can safely make the most of every product. The brand presents itself like a couture fashion house. Products are wrapped in rose gold packaging that stuns like a Caribbean sunset. LIMBOSS’s products have the quality to match their prestigious packaging. 

LIMBOSS’s Stiletto SPF 50 Lipstick is as compact and elegant as the high heel that bears its name. A gentle twist of the gold tube brings the creamy color to the surface. I tried the Bestie pigment, which had a fairytale rose-red shade. The color had a matte finish and velvety consistency. As a bonus, the SPF 50 embedded in the formulation ensures that my lips are protected from the sun’s rays. The tube’s stiletto-inspired design makes it easy to slip into a corner of your purse as you head out for the evening. 

If you want to take your lips a step further, try LIMBOSS’s Exotic Lips Lip Plumper. It gives the effect of a bee-stung pout. This product is best used after applying a base coat of LIMBOSS’s Lip Balm. The product has a temporary tingling sensation that lets you know how serious it is about its job. The Lip Plumper gave off a moisturizing effect, which added a softness to my visage. The product comes in a range of cocktail inspired colors that exude fun, romance, and passion. The Pink Lady shade perfectly complemented my pink lemonade cocktail.   

LIMBOSS has a Unisex Brow Wax that will condition and tame your natural brows. It has a slim, sleek design reminiscent of the Stiletto SPF 50 Lipstick. LIMBOSS knowns your bathroom counter needs more space, and creates compact beauty products so you can maximize your space. The brow wax has two ends: one for fluffing and one for moisturizing. The moisturizing stick is non greasy, and gives your eyebrows the hydration they need to combat brittleness. I liked that the conditioner didn’t leave waxy, heavy remnants behind. The bamboo fibers at the other end of the wand allow me to comb my brows along their natural shape line. 

Your eyebrows aren’t the only part of your eyes that need special attention. LIMBOSS formulated its Super Model Eyes Eye Cream as a hybrid tool to nourish your eyes. Ingredients like vitamin B5 and squalene olive extract give the skin around your eyes the nourishment it needs. The applicator has a massage tool, which vibrates as you apply the cream around your eyes. The massage tool has a cooling metal applicator that depuffs as it soothes. I loved the clever design, especially the relief of the cool metal and gentle vibrations as I applied the eye cream. LIMBOSS’s tube design makes applying eye cream a ritual to look forward to.

LIMBOSS’s Beauty Drops Vitamin E is spa day in a bottle. The glass vial looks like a high-end perfume, with its geometric design. The press-top allows you to fill the pipette and extract the nourishing liquid. Designed for use on skin and lips, the marigold-colored oil relaxes deep into your skin for an added dose of antioxidants. This is a hybrid product that can easily supplement LIMBOSS’s other facial products. This product is a cocktail of moisture, with skin-loving ingredients like jojoba oil, squalene oil, argan oil, and olive oil. The drops emit a delicate floral scent, which lingers like a light perfume. The drops worked with my moisturizer to hydrate my skin. This versatile product is a team player, making it a worthy skin care staple. 

LIMBOSS’s makeup line also has a sun shielding Little Black Dress SPF 50 Foundation. This product comes in 10 shades and infuses your skin with hydrating ingredients. This buttery foundation evens your complexion while giving your face an extra layer of protection from the sun’s rays. The pump allowed me to extract a small amount of product, which spread evenly over my skin. Like the Beauty Drops Vitamin E, the foundation plays nicely with your other skincare products. It can be layered on after a day cream or similar moisturizer. It acted as a primer, giving my skin a matte canvas to apply other products.  

A worthy followup to the Little Black Dress SPF 50 Foundation is LIMBOSS’s Skin Accessories Glow Illuminating Face Primer. LIMBOSS calls it a “magical elixir for your skin,” which is a worthy description. The Rose Gold gave my skin a subtle shimmer. It slid on like a cream and blended like a powder for a polished finish. Like a jewelry display, the illuminating primer acts like a shimmery highlighter.

If you prefer a traditional powder blush, LIMBOSS has you covered. The Cashmere Powder Blush is ensconced in a vintage compact design. The Cool Pink shade gave my face a delicate rosy lift. It has the silky sensation of a cashmere scarf. This product line has an array of colors to choose from. Beauty enthusiasts can play with colors by mixing and matching powders to achieve a desired effect. This blush line is fun to apply and rewarding to experiment with.      

If you’re looking for versatile beauty products with hydrating ingredients and glamourous packaging, check out LIMBOSS.


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