Milèo New York: 6 Oud Elixirs for Skincare + Fragrance

Milèo New York’s quartet of Oud elixirs can be a fragrance — because they smell downright heavenly — yet they also deliver proven anti-aging skincare benefits. So why not bundle the two for skincare that smells as wonderful as any fragrance? The Elixir Oud Collection targets all signs of age with 100 year-old Oud and 3000 flowers in every bottle; simply choose the elixir that best fits your top skincare concern.

Oud is the rarest ingredient on the planet, and truly remarkable for skincare. Every Milèo bottle contains 100 year-old Oud, extracted from agarwood trees in Southeast Asian. Only 2% of agarwood produce Oud, which defends the tree against damaging toxins and revives its cellular health. Oud has been scientifically studied to have the same remarkable effects on skin — restoring and protecting our own youthful vitality.

Restructure – Collonges La Rouge
Restructure. Smooth. Transform.
Oud + French Red Narcissus flower redefine skin’s youth.
Builds 46% more collagen in 3 days & Skin appears 91% firmer and 72% more sculpted.
Rich, velvety finish + luscious cherry floral aroma.
Plant Actives: lupeol, bakuchiol, tocotrienol.
Targets: elasticity, firmness, density, lift, moisture.
Good For: all signs of age + collagen loss & collagen fragility.
Skin Types: all

Midnight Lift – Monte D’Oro
Repair. Regenerate. Revitalize.
Oud + Corsican Golden Immortelle flower revive skin’s health overnight.
Renews skin’s bounce by 74% in 3 days & skin appears 37% plumper, and 22% more lifted.
Fine, satiny finish + honeyed tobacco floral aroma.
Plant Actives: retinol, bakuchiol, tocotrienol.
Targets: resilience, volume, lift, firmness, moisture.
Good For: all signs of age + damaged & deflated skin.
Skin Types: all at nighttime.


Glow – Amber Fort
Brighten. Strengthen. Protect.
Oud + Indian Pink Lotus flower create skin’s most vivid glow.
Sets an 87% brighter skin tone in 24 hours, and skin appears 90% smoother, and 32% more luminous.
Smooth, silky finish + nectarous woodsy floral aroma.
Plant Actives: vitamin C, bakuchiol, alpha hydroxy acid.
Targets: brightness, evenness, firmness and moisture.
Good For: all signs of age + dullness & dark spots.
Skin Types: all.


Moisturize – Maroc D’Azur
Rehydrate. Plump. Nourish.
Oud + Moroccan Blue Tansy flower replenish skin’s reservoir.
Infuses 79% more hyaluronic acid within 2 days, and skin appears hydrated, supple, and 52% more plump.
Plush, dewy finish + peachy champagne floral aroma.
Plant Actives: ceramide, bakuchiol, squalene.
Targets: moisture, hydration, firmness, elasticity.
Good For: all signs of age + lines & dehydrated skin.
Skin Types: dry, normal, combination, sensitive.

Refine – Labyrinthe Vert
Refine. Firm. Refresh.
Oud + French Violet leaf restore skin’s clarity and tone, and normalizes pores by 40% in 3 weeks, and skin appears firmer, fresher, and 78% more refined.
Fresh, shine-free finish + leafy melon floral aroma.
Plant Actives: bakuchiol, beta hydroxy & ximenynic acids.
Targets: imperfections, oiliness, firmness, moisture.
Good For: all signs of age + visible pores & blemish-prone skin.
Skin Type: oily, combination, normal, sensitive.


Calm – La Rose De Joell
Nurture. Recover. Defend.
Oud + French Rose De Mai flower reclaim skin’s wellbeing.
Stops 92% of redness and distress in 3 days, and skin appears brighter, firmer, and 91% softer.
Light, delicate finish + sensuous berry floral aroma.
Plant Actives: resveratrol, bakuchiol, polyphenols.
Targets: inflammation, redness, firmness, moisture.
Good For: first signs of age + stressed & weakened skin.
Skin Types: sensitive, normal, dry, combination.
10% of this sale is donated to the Wilmot Cancer Institute.


This Holiday season, consider Milèo’s ELIXIR OUD COLLECTION MINI, which packages four of these award-winning facial oils in their jet-setter form. Pure, powerful, and pocket-sized, this travel set is ready to address the needs of every type of skin at any time. The set includes the perfecting Labyrinthe Vert elixir, the moisture-rich elixir Maroc D’Azur, Amber Fort for radiance, and Monte D’Oro for regeneratiin in an elixir.

Massage the elixir’s anti-aging benefits into your palms and warm between your hands before applying to damp skin in a circular motion. Inhale the therapeutic biochemicals and lovely scent to experience how it is that purity can be powerful. Read more at: