Neora Skincare: All the Protection Your Skin Needs

Neora Skincare has a unique feather-like texture that deeply hydrates upon contact and makes your skin instantly feel more elastic. You can easily mix your makeup into its moisture barrier that smoothes the surface without clogging pores.

Neora’s unique ingredients include SAL-14®, a mix of antioxidants, including bidens pilosa, an herbaceous plant found in South America that acts similarly to retinol products without irritating the skin. SIG-1273®, another key ingredient exclusive to the line, includes an organic phytol that mimics the way your skin fights aging, PhytoLumina, a proprietary blend of plant bioactives helps the skin look radiant, TC3-Armor™ removes skin-drying urban stressors, and Sea3C™ is what imparts its intense moisturizing feeling. The line also blocks blue rays.

Neora Age IQ® Day Cream builds a shield for your skin against environmental aging factors without weighing it down. Expect it to look more even, fresher, and brighter; find this product HERE.

Use the Neora Age IQ IllumaBoost® Brightening & Shield before applying the day cream to nourish and revive dull, stressed skin. It includes a superior blend of vitamin C, niacinamide, and Neora’s proprietary, plant-based PhytoLumina complex to help skin appear more radiant. This vitamin C feels super light and not all sticky or heavy. You will find two packages of Vitamin C Serum in the container; each bottle includes a two weeks supply to preserve the Vitamin C potency and freshness against oxidation from light, heat, and air. Brighten and reboot your skin this fall — find it HERE.


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