OH.SO: Buzzkill, Pits + Parts, + After Sun for Summer

OH.SO is a small, female-led company in California that harnesses the power of natural clean ingredients and colloidal silver in all of their array personal care products. Their ingredients are Mother Nature-approved and contain no chemcials, cruelty, gluten or GMOs. Here’s what you’ll relish for summer:

BUZZKILL is an awesome, DEET-free insect repellent with colloidal silver and essential oil blends that smells heavenly. With blends such as Lemongrass-Clove-Spearmint and Rosemary-Mint-Vanilla, you won’t mind spraying these on your body at all. Keep the mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other summer insects at bay effectively and cleanly, and delight the people around you with its pleasing scent.

AFTER SUN is a soothing spray with nourishing aloe vera, lime, lavender, spearmint, cucumber, and colloidal silver to impart post-sun relief after a long day of fun in the sunshine. Non-sticky and scented naturally, you can use this anywhere from your scalp down to your toes to calm and cool. Organic-verified, too.

PITS & PARTS enables you to refresh your sweaty zones throughout the day without chemicals and with colloidal silver. Cedarwood + Vetiver has a unisex scent that works for everyone, and other options include Grapefruit + Orange, Coconut + Mint, Geranium + Lavender, and more. Certified USDA organic for your health. Break a sweat with confidence!

Visit Shopohso.com, and follow @shopohso #shopohso.

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