OneSkin: Science-Backed Skincare That’s Worth the Investment

OneSkin is a one-of-a-kind skincare system designed to take you back in time. The brand’s four-step process was created by four female PhDs. OneSkin’s founders dedicated themselves to longevity research and skin-aging biology. Their collaboration yielded OS-01, a revolutionary peptide that targets the biological markers of skin aging. As an advocate of clean, vegan, cruelty-free skincare, I couldn’t wait to try OneSkin’s lineup.  

The delicate simplicity of OneSkin’s bottles illustrates its efficient approach to skincare. The brand has a strong commitment to sustainability. OneSkin has a starter kit that encourages consumers to reuse the containers. Once it’s time to replace the product, customers can purchase pouch or cartridge refills. This design means less waste ends up in landfills. I appreciated OneSkin’s thoughtful approach to environmental awareness and the opportunity to reduce my own carbon footprint.  


First, I started with OneSkin’s PREP. This gentle cleanser removes makeup and oil residue to allow ingredients to penetrate deeper. I worked two pumps of the gel into a gentle lather and massaged the cleanser into my face and neck. I loved that PREP, like all of OneSkin’s products, is fragrance-free. The cleanser easily lifted my makeup and sunscreen, leaving my skin clean and refreshed. While many cleansers do their job too well, PREP left my skin’s moisture barrier intact and ready for step two. 

Next, I used OneSkin’s OS-01 FACE Topical Supplement. This revolutionary supplement lived up to its reputation. The peptide stimulates skin on a molecular level with the goal of improving the skin’s appearance and function. It motivates collagen and elastin production while encouraging cell turnover. I loved the bottle’s design, which was sleek, compact, and had a press pump. The pump expels the perfect amount of product. I spread an even layer of OS-01 FACE on my face and neck. The consistency was just right for my skin. It didn’t weigh my skin down, nor did it just sit on the top. The topical supplement gently penetrated, leaving behind a silky smooth finish. My skin had an even tone and a plumper appearance. Far from an ordinary moisturizer, this product does the work of a serum, moisturizer, and face oil combined.  


For step three, I prepped for OS-01 EYE. My approach to eye cream has been sporadic in the past. As a contact lens wearer, my eyes are sensitive to the ingredients and fragrances in many eye creams. I usually integrate eye cream a few times a week, when my dark circles become more prominent. I was impressed with the product’s gentle efficacy. Its fragrance-free, mild formula didn’t irritate my eyes or the delicate skin below them. I tapped a small amount under each eye and it penetrated quickly. Over the course of a few days, I noticed the lines near my eyes appeared minimized and my dark circles were not as pronounced. Thanks to OS-01 EYE, I can keep eye cream as a daily part of my skincare regimen.     


I continued my skincare ritual with OS-01 BODY. OneSkin positions OS-01 BODY as a necessity. The skin is our largest organ. It comes in contact with pollutants in the environment and it’s responsible for helping us maintain our health. This all-over body lotion has the same peptide as OS-01 FACE, which revitalizes skin and supports its function, appearance, and turnover. OS-01 BODY had a thick, creamy consistency that hydrated my skin without leaving a film behind. It had a luxurious feel, which made me feel like I was being pampered at an elite spa. 


After using the OneSkin’s suite for several days, I saw improvement in my skin’s plumpness and elasticity. My skin looked smoother, firmer, fuller, and more vibrant. My pores also seemed smaller and less noticeable, which is no small feat.

If you’re looking for a simple, eco-responsible skincare system that supports your skin’s continued health, appearance, and function, look no further than OneSkin. This is a skincare brand that’s worth the investment. 

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