Pristine A.M. Clean

I, for one, love traveling all day. Not. It’s chaotic at times and I’d rather just be at my destination ASAP. I tend to try to travel in the morning so as to get on my plane/car/train and enjoy the world passing me by… drink a latte and unwind with a novel by my side. But before I do, I need to get fresh and clean. No extreme scents or complicated routines, just a straightforward, simple routine before heading out the door:

Curl + Coil Shampoo and Conditioner
I must start with clean hair, not only for my sake but the sake of future me when I arrive, however-many-hours-later. I use the CIBU Curl + Coil line to get my curls at their bounciest, pre-trip. All of their products contain aloe vera, jojoba, and sunflower seed oil. The creamy shampoo lathers up in my hair as I scrub my scalp of old products and it leaves my bathroom perfumed with an herbal spiciness. The conditioner shares the same scent as I detangle easily with my wide tooth comb.

Curl + Coil Moisturizing Mask
I rinse and follow up with Curl + Coil Moisturizing Mask for an extra boost of hydration. I always have some time for a hair mask, especially when I’m doing it in the shower. I want to make sure my hair has the best chance of being happy while I’m stuck in transit. This thick mask penetrates into my strands and I twist my hair up to continue my shower.

The Body Exfoliator
A body scrub is fast and luxe with The Body Exfoliator from Nécessaire. I am awakened by the eucalyptus scent and foaming texture. This scrub contains both chemical (HA, BHA, PHA) and physical exfoliants (Volcanic Pumice and Charcoal Bamboo) plus niacinamide to keep the skin clear and free from any breakouts – all held together by a plant surfactant base. This gel scrub doubles for me as a body wash so that’s one less step in the shower. Plus it delivers an aromatherapy vibe as I lather it over my body. I quickly shave, and enjoy one final rinse before heading out to apply moisturizer.

The Body Serum
This might sound like an extra step, but it’s very necessary! I apply Nécessaire’s The Body Serum, a weightless gel that imparts a boost of hydration with its five hyaluronic acid weights. This formula glides on smoothly and sinks in elegantly, leaving me with a slight sheen. It’s fragrance-free (no annoyed neighbors in the seat next to me) and the bottle and cap are made from bio-resin (AKA plant based). Nécessaire is also carbon neutral, vegan, cruelty free and gives back 1% with every sale: a win-win!

The Body Lotion
Since it’s still winter, I need a cream to seal in The Body Serum. I go for Nécessaire’s The Body Lotion. A companion moisturizer with nourishing properties such as vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-6 and
omega-9. It’s also fragrance-free, rendering it an inoffensive wear throughout the day. As I put the lotion on, my skin drinks it in. If I’m in an extra pinch I put some of it in my palm and add a few pumps of The Body Serum. Delightful is my skin before I grab a comfy outfit for my long day.

The Scalp Serum
My hair is mostly dried at this point so I add a few drops of The Scalp Serum. Nécessaire does it again with this simple yet gorgeous product for my scalp. I tend to dry out at the scalp but this serum brings relief and hydration without weighing me down. The Biomimetic Peptide Blend encourages growth and keeps my curls from thinning out (which tends to happen when I constantly live in a bun to keep strands out of my face while sleeping on the train or plane). Its green tea extract and hyaluronic acid create an environment for my scalp to be happy and soothed each time I apply this serum. I’ll be putting it in my carry on since it is under the liquid limit!

The Deodorant Gel

Before I head out the door I must swipe on some of The Deodorant Gel. Just like The Body Exfoliator, this gel comes in the eucalyptus scent. I love how cooling it feels as I apply and it’s perfectly clear on application and as it dries. The 5% AHA and niacinamide promotes brighter underarms and combats any smells of sweat, perfect! I am assured I’ll be smelling as good as I did once I got out of the shower.

Now I gotta head out, adventure awaits this morning!