Self-Care Offerings From Slow North

Slow North is your source for all things lovely and relaxing, such as essential oil-based soy candles, small travel pouches with gorgeous graphics, therapeutic hot-and-cold neck wraps and eye masks, aromatic linen sprays, essential oils, paper goods, and even T-shirts. Based in Austin, Texas, Slow North reflects the region’s creativity and devotion to quality goods.

Whether you’re traveling, seeking a thoughtful gift, or hoping to treat yourself, we have some excellent Slow North suggestions:

Light a candle – breathe deeply
The Slow North Eucalyptus + Lavender Candle and the Grapefruit + Spearmint Candle bring nature into your home for aromatherapy and olfactory bliss. Soy-based and crafted with essential oils, these are substantial in size and should see you through many memorable or relaxing moments.

At-home self care
The Slow North Eye Mask Therapy Pack in Greenhouse is lovely and can be temperature-adjusted to hot or cold as you wish. If you have a cold, a hot compress feels great, and if you want a spa-at-home summer experience, try it cold. The Neck Wrap Therapy Pack in Blush Florence is equally soothing as an at-home spa treat, and would make an excellent gift for someone who needs extra self-care or who feels under the weather. The site offers gift bundles, too, so if you know someone who needs a little TLC, this is an ideal care package.

Travel with characteristic flair
Slow north also has an array of travel-size candles, all pure-ingredient. The Forest Bathing Candle, for example, enables you to bring a fresh, forest vibe with you wherever you roam.

Their travel pouches are undeniably cute and handy for cosmetics, tech cords and items, panty liners, vitamins, and miscellaneous items that need a dedicated space in luggage. The Mystic Mushroom travel pouch is unique, and the Pom Blossom pouch is beautiful. They come in different sizes, too. Choose your favorites here.

A Perennial Favorite – Linen Spray
Slow North’s Lavender + Cedar Linen Spray keeps closet, drawers, and rooms fresh in a most pleasing way. The lavender softens cedar, which repels moths hungry for your wool sweaters and socks, and the cedar emboldens the lavender – they’re a match made in heaven and from Slow North.

Shop by scent preference, style preference, or by product HERE. Gift cards are available, too! Support this local indie brand with product integrity.


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