Sleeping Beauty’s Slumber Secrets

Sleep is the key to looking eternally youthful. We spend so much time in the land of dreams, might as well make it worthwhile. My not-so-secret to drifting off: Slip’s pillowcases and skinny scrunchies. Made with luxurious silk of the highest quality, long fiber mulberry silk, it’s durable yet soft as a cloud. It has anti-frizz benefits for my curls, and speaking of hair, their skinny scrunchies are perfect for my coils. I make mini buns all over my head before bed. In the morning, I take them out, and I’m left with fluffy curls and no dents.

As I snuggle into bed, I almost forgot to prep my eyes. I reach for my All-In-One Eye Cream from Skin by Blair. This cream contains HAs to bring in moisture, jojoba oil to reduce inflammation, caffeine to brighten under eyes, and ceramides to balance my skin’s barrier. I love the cooling feeling it offers to de-puff my eyes and its sleek pink packaging.

With Slip and Skin by Blair, this will be the year of blissful slumber and sweet dreams.