Slugging Made Simple

Slugging System

Usually, I’m not the hugest fan of slugs. My dog tends to enjoy snacking on them during walks and they somehow end up stuck all over my car in the springtime. But with Futurewise, I’ve come to realize I love slugging. Slugging is the process of layering an occlusive as the final step of your skincare routine and to wake up with soft, smooth, and hydrated skin. The secret: it helps to prevent water loss which is hella prevalent in these dry winters. Originally an Indigenous custom, Futurewise has formulated its line around slugging. Their three-step process is approachable and streamlined, helping you feel all snuggly in bed in no time.

This trio came in the cutest box and all share the iconic pink and red colorway. Post-cleanse, I spray on the Slug Boost, a fine mist spritz that contains hyaluronic acid, squalane, and glycerin. These superstars help to attract moisture while hydrating. It aids in the next step, which is Slug Cream to soften the skin with a triple lipid base (all vegan – actually all of Futurewise products are. No slugs are ever harmed). I enjoy using this during the day if I know I’m bracing for an extra brisk morning. For the last step, the actual slugging, I apply Slug Balm all over my face. I’m as shiny as a new penny with the plant-based oils working into my face. There’s something relaxing about applying the balm. After a good night’s rest, I wake up feeling cushioned and supported by Futurewise.