Small Products That Make A Big Difference

We’ve rounded up some new beauty essentials for you to glide into Fall as your best self:

Flash a whiter and more dazzling smile with HaloSmile. Peroxide-free, HaloSmile temporarily whitens your teeth for one day by coating the surface of your teeth with a light polymer layer. It does not use bleach or any of the harsh chemicals that often make teeth whitening such a painful affair. If you have super sensitive teeth, you’ll love this alternative. Like makeup, it can be easily applied in the morning or whenever you want a knockout movie star grin. How does it work? Make sure your teeth are dry, apply the HaloSmile formula, wait a few  minutes. Voila! You’re done, Its main ingredient is hydroxyapatite, a calcium-based mineral. Every kit has 6 applications and you can drink coffee or wine without worry. Eatch the instructional video before starting. Read more at

Help reduce plastic pollution in the world by using a cardboard, bio-tube Natural Deodorant by American Provenance. With high-quality ingredients, the collection of homegrown, natural personal care products offers an alternative to plastic-based packaged deodorants. The wonderful natural scents are created with pure essential oils and include lavender, spearmint, unscented, patchouli or lemongrass. Find the healthy, plastic free, American-made line that wants to protect you and the world at

Don’t have time for a mani or pedi? Find an easy alternative with the imPRESS Press-On Manicure and ImPRESS Press-On Pedicure collections. Inexpensive and fun, they come in an easy peel-and-stick format, like a stamp. See how gorgeous your nails look in an instant! Choose between many styles to fit your personality or occasion from classic, neon, or gradient at or grab them at Ulta, WalMart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS stores nationwide.

Toss an Eos Super Soft Shea Lip Balm into your bag to keep your lips moist this Fall doe Fashion Week. You’ll love the tasty flavors and will appreciate the sustainably-sourced shea butter and nourishing coconut & jojoba oils. Nab them at

For sunny days all throughout Fall, protect your face and decolleté with the healthy mineral sunscreen, Australian Gold Botanical Sunscreen Mineral Lotion / Non-Greasy with antioxidant rich UV/UVB protection and zinc oxide. Safer for you and coral reefs, mineral- based sunscreens block the sun and don’t soak deeply into the epidermis. Skin absorbs the softening lotion as it leaves a delicious, light fruit scent. Slather it on for bike riding, running, beach, or walking adventures in the sun. Scope out the entire Australian Gold collection at