Spice Beauty: Endure Sore and Swollen Feet No More

Do your high heels hurt your feet? Do you start cringing after a few hours of standing in your heels? CBD is known to reduce pain in muscles and joints, and the Spice High Heel Stick is a new product created to help you walk painlessly in the towering pumps you love. Simply roll the Spice High Heel Stick on to your soles 20 minutes before sliding into your Christian Louboutins, and you’ll notice that your toes can hold up much longer than you are used to.   

Founded by Mexican immigrant Brenda Sandoval Zorkin, Spice Beauty Company uses ultra premium, broad premium CBD extracted from a special strain of hemp grown exclusively in the United States to provide fast-acting relief for your feet. It looks like a tiny deodorant that you can easily slip into your purse in case of foot pain emergency. Great for weddings! The cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant work synergistically to release the optimum benefits of CBD to free your heels from pain. You’ll appreciate the olfactic benefits of this natural hemp mixed with organic peppermint essential oil, beeswax, and coconut. Don’t hesitate to wear your favorite heels after treating them to this pain relief wonder! find it at SpiceBeautyCo.com