SpoiledChild Redefines Anti-Aging With AI Technology

Launched by ODDITY who founded lauded beauty label IL MAKIAGE, SpoiledChild is a unique brand that differs from most lines. By offering exceptional skincare and hair products for a wide range of ages, mostly 25–55 year-olds, SpoiledChild caters to every type of skin.

When you hear the name SpoiledChild you may think of little girls stomping their feet because they didn’t get a pony for their birthday or that kid who seems to have EVERYTHING. According to the brand the purpose behind the name is to positively challenge the notion and our understanding of aging.

With so many wonderful products to choose from it can be hard to know exactly what it is that you really need. How SpoiledChild stands out from other skincare lines is that you can take a two-minute questionnaire (SpoiledBrain) to then be matched with one primary product and up to three additional products. Combining data points with your personal profile, you don’t have to do any work or research. After taking the quiz, you can see the customized results immediately along with an email with personalized recommendations of products, and you can trust the results

If you are more eco-conscious, you will be happy to know that SpoiledChild is devoted to protecting the future of the planet we play on and waste less with its patented refillable system that includes reusable dispensers and recyclable capsules. All exterior packaging is curbside recyclable and made with FSC-certified paper and cardboard, which means that the materials originate from sustainable sources that protect the world’s forests.

To see the remarkable line and find out what products are best for you, visit https://www.spoiledchild.com/


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