Stocking Stuffers: Small But Thoughtful Gifts

Here’s a roundup of gifts or stocking stuffers for friends and family that you may not have considered, yet they solve problems, are incredibly memorable, and are affordable as well. They range from unusual and effective hair care to unique masks and aprons.

Alexanto Aprons are practical and beautiful and what’s more: every time the recipient of one of these aprons cooks and eats, she or he will think of you. They’re well-crafted to last and large enough to be truly useful, often featuring at least one pocket, and are made of high quality fabrics such as denim or cotton. Check out the lineup at:

The Alexanto Apron face masks are truly gorgeous, and their Holiday masks for Christmas and Hanukkah light up to add an air of festivity to a season in 2020 that can definitely use it! Ring in the New Year with a light-up mask, too. Choose your favorites for yourself and/or as gifts at You can see a video of them lit up on the Alexanto Facebook page:

The Soliscia mask by Nufabrx is the first mask to be cleverly infused with moisturizer, which is ideal for cold winter weather and sensitive skin. This reusable mask has super soft ear loops that fit snugly but are subtle and nearly unnoticeable, and feels as soft as silk on your skin. It’s a practical gift for everyone you care about this year, and it provides all-day protection and comfort, too. Read more about this unique mask, order it, and learn how to care for it by visiting Follow @nufabrxtech on social.

HAIRSTORY’s New Wash is a new way to wash hair without all of the harsh additives that strip and dry out hair. Rife with essential oils, it’s even packaged differently. Since New Wash cleanses without detergents, that means your scalp won’t be overproducing oils to compensate for what was stripped away with traditional shampoo. And the best part? Healthy, hydrated hair remains balanced, which also eliminates the need for conditioner. Find it and many more awesome hair products at:

Hempavida has two products with natural ingredients that will soothe sore muscles and help with joint mobility, so if you know anyone who works out a lot or who has been having trouble through this pandemic with their knees or joints due to too much sitting, these two products should be on your radar.

RESTORE Hemp + Joint Support improves cartilage health, lessens inflammation for healing support, and increases joint mobility. This contains 10mg hemp extract, glucosamine, turmeric root powder, bromelain, and more for holiday healthfulnessHappy Muscles provides an instant freeze relief rub for sore, overworked muscles. Apply only 3 or 4 times a day for immense relief. . Read more and order at

Happy holidays!