Summer Skin: Repair Sun Damage with SunLux

Did you know that skin cancer is America’s most common cancer, with 5 million cases diagnosed each year? To help spread information about the dangerous consequences of sun exposure, May has become Skin Cancer Awareness Month. As you start splurging on sunshine after April, take heed of the risks of overdoing it!
Robin Wayman, a survivor of basal cell carcinoma skin cancer, has become an educator to help people understand the risks of UV rays for the skin and how to help them better take care of their skin before and after sun exposure. Robin is also the founder of SunLux, a skincare collection of sun damage repair products based on antioxidant ingredients.

Sunbathing does considerable damage to the skin. Since Robin could not find products to repair her damaged skin after surviving cancer, she went back to school to study skincare and founded her own line of products. “Through my studies,” says Robin, “I realized the power of antioxidants topically on the skin.” While formulating and testing the line, she saw such an improvement on her skin that she decided to share her findings with others struggling with sun-damaged skin.

SunLux Sunscreen SPF 25 Broad Spectrum + Daily Moisturizer is a lightweight protective moisturizer that provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with anti-aging benefits in a sheer formula that smoothes the skin at the same time. Physical and chemical filters, including octinoxate (a UVB filter) and zinc oxide (a physical UV filter) protect your skin from the sun. Antioxidant botanicals and red grape stem cells provide a powerful defense against everyday aggressors that age and damage the skin as well. Grab it at

After sun exposure, nourish your skin with SunLux UV Repair Face Oil with St John’s Wort. A soothing luxurious, easily absorbed oil, it contains St John’s Wort, which dermatologists have studied for its ability to help repair sunburns and burn wounds. The St. John’s Wort used is “hypericin free,” making it non-sensitive to the sun’s UV rays. Other ingredients include arctic cranberry seed CO2 extract, thistle seed oil rich in high linoleic acid, cloudberry seed oil, blackberry seed oil, and Kakadu seed oil. They help restore the skin’s lipid barrier, fight free-radical damage and reduce signs of post-sun damage. All ingredients are extracted from safe sources. I love how radiant and comforted my skin feels after applying the oil! Try it at

The SunLux Squalane + Vitamin E Face Oil is a silky smooth squalene oil derived from olives that penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to help fight off free radicals. It nourishes the skin with vitamin E, fighting inflammation and keeping it soft. Use it to heal and repair sun-damaged skin or anytime your skin needs a little lift-me-up. You will see results at