Tattoo You

During these unprecedented times, I continue to attempt self-care and beauty treatments at home and with my own hands (scary!). Escaping to the salon, spa, or manicurist has never felt more imperative–my tri-colored strands are living proof that I need to “get me” to the colorist.

That said, I’m still not ready to go rogue and book appointments. So, I’m in search of “foolproof” things to try at home that not only look good, but also help in the spirit boosting department.

Enter: Artist Dillon Forte and Inkbox on For Now Ink, a remarkable collection of artful, DIY tattoos. Forte, a Southern California-based creative, entrepreneur and designer, is world- renowned for his contemporary style of Sacred Geometry tattooing that has graced the bodies of Usher, Chris Hemsworth, Kat Von D and Kehlani. Sweeping and intricate, his designs combine spirituality, geometry, and curvature into original, unique creations.

What separates these beauties from competitors is the process and technology pioneered by Inkbox. With clear directions, beautiful packaging and a link to a step-by-step video, directions on how to apply tattoos are clear. After 1-2 minutes, the tattoo sets onto the skin, painlessly and temporarily, and gleans the look of a permanent design. The skin-safe ingredients are natural, using an active compound derived from fruit from South Africa where it has been used for centuries, and will last and look beautiful for up to two weeks. Body ornamentation has never been easier and with no risk involved.

Given that many of us skipped Coachella and outdoor concerts this year, here’s a fun way to bask in the festival experience and safely venture into new territory at home.

The collection of 24 tattoos – sold individually – ranges from $16-$20 and is available for purchase direct through Inkbox here.