The Beauty of Nourishe Organics by Kristin Paeonia

The clean-beauty goodies from Kristin Paeonia’s Nourishe Organics line will delight you and your gift recipients this year, and will keep giving long after they’re opened. Here’s a rundown on why we love so many of these products:

Azurine Dream is a Dark Spot Brightening Serum that smells fresh and works to banish dark spots on your face, hands, ear, neck, decolletage, and on other trouble spots. Apply 1-3 pumps morning and night, and this can be used under a Nourishe moisturizer. Lightweight and silken!

The Voluminishe Collagen Support Balm not only bolsters your collagen production so that skin is firm and supple, but it imparts a golden, sun-kissed glow too, so that you don’t even need to wear makeup if you don’t feel like it. Pure magic.

The At-Home Facial Kit: A Power Trio
These three Nourishe products can work in sync to refine and hydrate your skin:

1) Ever heard of Dragon’s Breath? Never had I, but it absorbs impurities in the skin such as toxins and bacteria that cause breakouts and brown spots, smells great, and really works. Impurities bind to the carbon in the Dragon’s Breath and are washed away. Twice a week, leave Dragon’s Breath on skin for 45 minutes before rinsing away and hydrating. Dragon’s breath smells like mint, and refines pores.

2) Wash your face with Songaa Soap, made with 92% organic ingredients, which has a lovely aroma akin to cinnamon. This Antioxidant-rich face wash is a generous product at 6.75 fl. oz/200 ML and should last quite a while.

3) Deeply moisturize with the O2-squared Moisturizer, which has an addictive aroma of gingerbread and imparts fatty acids, herbs, roots, and mushrooms to energize skin. Berries, seeds, and flowers are paired to create a distinctive antioxidant complex to support the skin’s natural barriers. Massage for five minutes for super-soft, revitalized skin.

The Aye Serum is a Brightening Eye Hydrator that immediately works upon application to soften and brighten your eye area. Reduce dark circles, ward off free radicals, and calm puffiness with bioavailable antioxidants and clean-ingredient goodness. This also smells so great that you’ll keep sniffing the bottle.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond
The Shungite and Diamond Soap is a Beautifying Daily Face Wash rife with ethically sourced, natural, and raw diamonds and shungite. Purify, refresh, and revive skin in the most luxurious way possible: with diamonds. Impurities are naturally drawn out of your skin, resulting an ultra-luminous complexion. Indulge yourself or a loved one or friend this season with this unique product that powerfully energizes skin.

Roesia Beauty Collection
This poetic, powerful trio of products work in tandem or separately to enhance your skincare routine and uplift.

The Roesia Soap is a rose infusion created with ancient soap-making techniques that are ultra-efficacious and have stood the test of time. This contains no preservatives, so it’s pure and wonderfully aromatic.

The Roesia Beauty Serum is a deeply hydrating serum that improves skin without chemicals, and can be used under a moisturizer to add a layer of moisturizer and nourishing goodness to your skin. Apply 1-3 pumps to face, ears, neck, and decolletage.

The Mid-Day Floral Roesia Spray refreshes mind, body and soul when you need a pick-me-up to cleanse your auric field. This luxe floral complex is pure and without preservatives. This is a whiff of Mother’s Nature’s bounty and beauty that will enable you to bloom.

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