The Only Bags you Need Are Handbags. De-Puff Your Peepers!

Puffy bags under your eyes will make you look tired, even if you attempt to cover your “baggage” with concealer. Winky Lux to the rescue! Winky Lux Hydrogel Eye Patches are infused with caffeine, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and licorice extract to provide hydration, brightening, and de-puffing action on steroids.

Thirty pairs of Winky Lux Hydrogel Eye Patches are loosely packaged together in a pretty jar that looks great and doesn’t take up much space on a make-up table. Simply pull two patches out of the jar and apply.

Because the gel eye patches are super moist and full of serum, there were times when a pair of patches felt too slippery to stay exactly where I had placed them, so I simply patted them lightly with a tissue and reapplied. After fifteen minutes, I removed the eye patches and massaged the remaining serum into my skin so it would continue refining, brightening, and depuffing my undereye area.

Here’s a tip! Store your jar of Winky Lux Hydrogel Eye Patches in the refrigerator to make every de-puffing session even cooler and more refreshing.


Rachelle Nones


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