These Ghee-Based Lip Products are Game Changers

Ghlee is reinventing the lip care game with its three-step routine. Rooted in tradition, the brand pays homage to its South Asian roots. Its key ingredient, ghee, is clarified butter that has been used in Ayurvedic healing practices for years. As the world’s first ghee-based skincare brand, Ghlee balances ancient traditions with modern approaches to beauty. The brand formulates products to nourish skin, leaving out harsh ingredients.  

As someone who has chapped lips year round, I was eager to try Ghlee’s system. Ghlee’s Lip Scrub was the first product on my roster. This product performs triple duty as a cleanser, exfoliator, and conditioner. With key ingredients like ghee, brown cane sugar, and vitamin E, this lip scrub gently exfoliates without tearing delicate skin. The scrub had a sweet, honey-like aroma that made the exfoliation process feel like a spa experience. This product carefully sloughed away dead skin without taking too much skin away in the process. Lip Scrub is a much-needed first step in a lip care routine, so products that hydrate and repair can penetrate deeper. 

I followed up the Lip Scrub with Ghlee’s Lip Mask. In addition to ghee, this product has olive squalene and kahai oil to moisturize dry lips. At night, the lip mask works to repair your lips’ moisture barrier. The product can also be applied in the morning, as a protecting barrier against environmental stressors. Like the Lip Scrub, the lip mask had a sweet, decadent scent. I applied a layer of the lip mask during my nighttime skincare routine and was very happy with the results. My lips felt soft and nourished the next morning, with no signs of chapping left. I applied another layer in the morning to continue its conditioning effects. Ghlee’s lip scrub and lip mask complement each other well, as one product preps your lips for the next product.

Ghlee also formulates a traditional Lip Balm. This product is perfect for lip care enthusiasts who are looking for a lightweight, effective product to carry around throughout the day. If you like your lip balm to have a scent sensory experience, Ghlee has you covered. Ghlee’s lip balms come in a variety of flavors, including Original, Mint, Chai, Rose, and Mango Papaya. Each one had a delicious botanical, citrus, or spicy scent that left me excited for my next application. The range of flavors means I can switch up my balms, depending on my mood. Ghlee’s lip blam is the perfect accent to the three-part lip care system. These products are going to be game changers once the cold, dry winter air comes back.     

If you’re looking for an intensive lip care system with delectable scents, check out Ghlee.    

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