USTAWI: Get Your Glow On

Elevate your skincare routine with an extraordinary, one-of a-kind brand that will target all your concerns. Founded by Natacha Paugam, the USTAWI line is noted for significantly enhancing the health of your skin. All of these products work harmoniously to attain the most desirable, luminous appearance.

Red Clay Clarifying Mask
If your skin needs a total recharge, the Red Clay Clarifying Mask is a wondrous, multi-functional mask that will detoxify, remove grime and completely hydrate the skin. The natural elements in this mask help to support hydration, and this product purifies your complexion without drying your skin out. Formulated with two types of clay, red and white, that are gentle on the most sensitive skin types. This mask is great for everyone. For the best results, apply a generous amount and use this product a couple of times a week. You will be pleased that you did!

Red Algae Detoxifying Toner
To thoroughly remove all impurities, follow up with the Red Algae Detoxifying Toner. This fantastic toner penetrates deeply into the skin and also feels really calming when you put it on. Produced with exceptional antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and stress, the combination is perfect to take care of that leftover dirt and debris. Another bonus is that this toner delivers anti-pollution protection.

Myrtle Leaf Micellar Water Gel
Praised by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian, micellar water is a gentle facial cleanser known for its incredible efficacy without having to scrub harshly against the skin. Myrtle Leaf Micellar Water Gel should be your new go-to product. Not only is it mild enough for all skin types but you can see the results instantly! I love swiping my face with this gel on a cotton ball and seeing everything that comes off. This is a very handy product to keep close by if you don’t have much time for your skincare routine or if you’re coming home from a night out and just want to quickly clean your face. Either way, your complexion will be refreshed with a vibrant finish.

Green Tea Matte Finish Moisturizer
We all hear about the amazing benefits of drinking green tea due to its antioxidants and their health benefits. Well, USTAWI’s Green Tea Matte Finish Moisturizer does not disappoint. This superior moisturizer neutralizes free radicals, protects the skin from environmental damage, while the myrtle leaf protects and detoxifies the cells of the epidermis. Use this product as your last step in both your morning and nighttime skincare practice. You will get your money’s worth with USTAWI moisturizer because you only need a small amount of cream daily to achieve gorgeous skin. Free Shipping on all orders over $50, and even better: this company is on a mission to give back. USTAWI is a proud partner with ChildFund International, committing to donations to help support the education of children in Africa. Learn more and to see the entire collection, go to