Valentine’s Day 2022 Roundup For Original Gifts

From art to beauty, we’ve rounded up the most distinctive Valentine’s Day gifts to treat your loved ones and yourself:

Pucker Up Paper Lips
If you really want to give a unique gift that will last all year round, look no further than Pucker Up Paper Lips. Designed and founded by Laura Richey, these 3D paper sculptures hand-created in the form of lips will make a statement in any household. They are the perfect piece of art for all to enjoy. Not only are the striking lips a great conversation starter, but they look even better in person. With so many creative and exceptional designs to choose from, this paper sculpture will light up any room.

“Everyone loves to be kissed so why not put a forever kiss on your wall with paper lips?” Richey says. Even better, you are supporting a woman-owned business and all lips are environmentally friendly and made with 100% recyclable paper of different weights and colors. Custom designs are available, so you can’t go wrong with this amazing idea and stunning art. Discover what Pucker Up Paper Lips has to offer at

Ayurveda Shakti Bar: Chocolate Coconut
It’s not Valentine’s Day if you don’t celebrate with chocolate, right? If you love chocolate but don’t want the added fat and sugar, Elements truffles has you covered. The highly acclaimed ayurvedic company has created a Chocolate Coconut Shakti Bar as part of The Ojas Collection. In Ayurveda, the word Shakti is linked with energy, power, strength and endurance. These bars are a real chocolate treat that you can feel good about eating, without guilt. Formulated with Ayurveda superfoods all Shakti Bars are vegan, made from organic ingredients, free from added sugars or anything artificial, nut-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. Sign up with your email and get 10% off your first order. Surprise your loved ones with a healthier indulgence HERE.

Thai for Two Cooking Kit
Impress your loved one or better yet, make this a partner activity when you cook up an outstanding and authentic meal with the Thai for Two Cooking Kit brought to you by Verve CULTURE. This women-run business spanning three generational groups from Baby Boomer, Gen X, to Millennial brings you the finest organic ingredients from a farm outside of Bangkok for genuine authentic Thai flavors to make an unforgettable meal. Choose your own protein and veggies and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll have quite the culinary creation. Receive 10% off your first order when you sign up for emails. With so many original options to choose from, visit

The Patch Brand
Taking your vitamins and supplements just got easier. The Patch Brand has created vitamin-infused patches that you apply to directly to your skin and you are set to go! If you have an aversion to taking pills, The Patch Brand is perfect for you. For the fast-paced lifestyle this product is fantastic because instead of carrying clunky vitamin bottles around, the patches are lighter and fit nicely in your purse, desk, or drawer and are travel friendly.

Unlike gummies and pills that only partially absorb into your system, this pure and simple patch alternate releases 100% of your vitamins in over 24 hours. Choose from these fabulous five: sleep, energy, immunity, stress, and focus. Receive 15% off your order when you sign up with your email; visit

Pear Nova
As you celebrate the season of love, don’t forget to keep your fingernails on point. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the gift of Pear Nova. With an array of opulent colors to choose from, Pear Nova offers cruelty-free and nontoxic vegan nail lacquer that you can’t go wrong with. The LOVE Look features Pear Nova’s Classic Lacquers in the shades: My Candy Rain, Pink It Through, Night Fades Morning Haze, and Reflect.

The Houndstooth Look features Pear Nova’s Classic Lacquers in the shades: Floating Market Buy & Buy, Absorb, and Reflect. Join their email club and receive 10% off your order. Love your nails! Discover more at

If you thought you had bad luck in the relationship department, read on to hear what author Alex Bernstein has to say. All stories are short, so if you don’t have much time to read, this is a good book to pick up. It’s effortless to read one of these humorous chapters a day. MISERABLE LOVE STORIES basis is comical stories for heart breakers, broken hearted, and the confused. Nab it HERE.

Get ready to turn heads when you wear Kurvwear under your Valentine’s Day getup. Kurvwear is shapewear that provides a safe substitute to permanent and invasive cosmetic procedures without the hefty price tag, risk, or recovery. Founder Aalysha Athreya has a mission to “empower women all over the world by providing them with products that allow them to feel comfortable, confident, and incredibly sexy in their own skin.” The story behind Kurvwear is that Athreya’s friend had been hospitalized after a botched Brazilian Butt Lift. She didn’t want anyone else to suffer like her friend did, so Kurvwear was born. The revolutionary shapewear uses a combo of compression and padding technology to obtain desired curves, while the high waistline provides tummy support to flatten the waist. Find it at

Super Greens Hair Mask
Just in time for VDAY, repair lifeless and damaged hair with the Super Greens Hair Mask. Produced by the black woman-owned Ayurvedic hair care line Halo Mane, this product has been designed to give your locks the healthy nutrients they need and provides much-needed hydration to promote hair growth and increase protection. Founder Rae Knight is vegan and ensures that all products are plant and herb-based, crafting the items herself. Even better, this product works with all types of hair. If not for you, it makes a quite a beneficial gift. For luscious locks, visit