Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Based On Your Partner’s Love Language

Okay, girly-girl types. Unfortunately, the following information is of no interest to you. You should probably go read about AppleDoll’s True Love Bush. The packaging is heart-shaped and it has an amazing super blendable cream formula.

… Now that they’re gone, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. I get it. You were planning on going for the bouquet of roses or classic chocolate box to get it over with. But I’m here to tell you that you can do better, even if your partner claims to be fine with no present. They are lying.

Let’s not forget what Steve Harvey once said, “You have to always date your wife.” Show some love for The Queen. If you’re completely confused this year and don’t know what to do, first think about your partner’s love language. Do they prefer words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, or gift giving? You should definitely know this answer and if you don’t, most of us like all of the above. I promise there’s still time to prep for Valentine’s day and other days, too. Don’t forget your partner deserves more than to be cherished once a year.

Our roundup of thoughtful gifts to give your loved one this V-Day:

A sleek pair of pumps? Yes, please! The shoe designer Jessica Rich has gained the attention of many stars including Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, and Megan Fox. With a quick trip to Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, you’ll find the brand’s stilettos, mules, and heeled sandals in an array of colors and racy patterns.

Love Language: Gift Giving

If their love language is physical touch, give a massage. I’m sure it will be deeply appreciated after her long day at work. It’s an intimate moment that’s superior to a stuffed teddy bear. After that, think about setting up a movie night so you two can spend the rest of the evening snuggled up together.

Love Language: Physical Touch

You really want to tug at the heartstrings this Valentine’s Day? Create a delicious charcuterie board. It’ll show that you put time into doing something for them, and I promise it will be applauded. Pair it with their favorite wine to make their entire month. If you want to truly elevate your spread, serve the fruits and cheese on a customizable cheese board from Lynn & Liana Designs.

Love Language: Acts of Service, Quality Time

If they get up a little early for skin prep and to paint a little canvas on their face, you can do no wrong with makeup or skincare products. Beauty aficionados love new products to try and it will show that you’re paying attention to the little things. If they’re more into skincare, give them an at-home spa with OPULUS Beauty Lab’s Clarity Facial Starter System. The deep heat spa reset comes with an enzyme-rich exfoliating gel mask and a heat-drenched red clay cleanser. It will keep their skin cleansed and hydrated at all times.

If they put on a full face of makeup on in the morning, opt for The Lip Bar’s x Kierra Sheard Divinely Feminine collection. Celebrate V-Day with a selection of the brand’s best sellers, including their Straight Line Eyeliner, Micro Brow Pencil, Bause Lady Liquid Matte Lipstick, Minimalist Gloss, and Big Timer Mascara.

Love Language: Gift Giving

Ah! Finally my very own love language… Words of Affirmation. This one never gets old and the most important thing to remember is that if this is your partner’s love language, don’t do it only once a year. Remind your significant other every day how much they mean to you. It’ll make them so happy just to hear that you appreciate them. For a special holiday, write them a heartfelt letter. Tell them about a moment between the two of you that you remember from years or months ago. It’ll take you less than 30 minutes, but it’ll be on their mind for the next 30+ days.

Love Language: Words of Affirmation