Weekend Go-Tos

Here are some of my fave items to get my weekend going and hopefully yours, too:


Fruit Pack

Say buh-bye to any pesky pimples or ingrown hairs with Starface’s cutest collections: Fruit Pack and Hello Kitty! Fruit Pack’s jumbo size is perfect for any body acne and formulated with hydrocolloid + 1% salicylic acid for pore cleansing action. It helps to dissolve dead skin cells and absorb any excess fluid. Plus it’s adorable with fruity prints, my favorite is the banana!

Hello Kitty

For my face I reach for my Hello Kitty patches, which are made from 100% hydrocolloid and prevent bacteria from entering breakouts. The Hello Kitty print puts a smile on my face and acts as a reminder to keep my hands away from my face. Ahhhh , so cute and helpful.


Looking for an easy-peasy mani moment? Look no further than HIP CHIC. This semi-cure gel brand offers the quickest spring mani without the mess.

Creamy Lavender

I’ve been rocking the Creamy Lavender for the past weeks, a springy orange, lovely lavender, and loud yellow accented with white polish. I simply fit the gel polish sticker to my nail, cure it, and ooh-and-ahhh at my results. For a bold-yet-simple look I applied Color Line, a transparent base with colorful lines running through the middle. I love how it goes with every outfit, whether I’m hanging out with the gals or heading to the gym.

Fantastic Prism

This weekend I’m sporting Fantastic Prism on my nails: a jelly neon set with pinks, greens, oranges, and purples.

To prep, I used the All About Moisturizing Hand Mask and All About Moisturizing Foot Mask. A mess-free and alternative to pricey spa trips. The avocado oil and shea butter help to moisturize my toes and fingers from the inside-out. I simply open the package and pull the masks onto my hands and feet. I’m able to still text, scroll the web, and get up to use the bathroom while using these masks. Perfect pampering with HIP CHIC.


Soothing Razor Bump Cream After Shave

Weekends means shorter skirts, dresses, and showing so much skin. Ahh my favorite… but you know what isn’t my favorite? Razor bumps. BlackWolf has a remedy with their Soothing Razor Bump Cream After Shave. Meant for men’s faces, I like to apply it to any areas I shave. It’s soothing with cucumber and salicylic acid to fight against bacteria. After testing this for a month, I’ve been able to aid in the healing of nicks, razor bumps, and overall uneven texture on my legs. Soothing Razor Bump Cream After Shave is a lifesaver during the weekends and any other day of the week!

WUSH ear cleaner

Weekends are for a deep cleaning for my home, body, and.. my ears! Hear me out, ear cleaning is one of my favorite things to do. I am a sucker for Q-tips but unfortunately they are horrible for my ear canals. Since I’ve gotten the WUSH ear cleaner, I’ve dedicated Sunday nights to cleaning my ears for the week. After charging the device, I fill the tank with warm water, and press the on button. A stream of water flushes out my ears as the waxy buildup flows out. The WUSH ear cleaner is waterproof so I’ve used it in the shower exclusively, but you can also use it and simply hold the cup to catch any water and wax. The silicon tip is ultra soft and fits perfectly in my small ears. No more clogged ears with the WUSH ear cleaner, thanks to BlackWolf.

The Beginning – Valentines Day Gift Set | For Her

Nothing like a hot, steamy cup of tea. My favorite, you ask? iLOLA’S The Beginning – Valentines Day Gift Set | For Her. This adorable set contains their signature tea discs and stainless steel infuser. It radiates luxurious feelings as I open the fragrant package and select my teas based on my mood. For mornings I boil my tea kettle and reach for Strawberry Seduction No. 16: a fruity-floral black tea that has a good amount of caffeine to wake me up for the weekend’s adventures ahead. I pour my boiling water over the disc, pop the top on, and wait for the desired amount of time for brewing. The nifty card insert tells me how long to brew each type of tea. Afterwards, I remove the infuser, dollop some honey, and sip as I watch the world outside. For afternoons Arabian Nights No. 51, an oolong tea, is in my cup. It’s yummy florals of Rosehips and Hibiscus remind me of what’s to come as the flowers bloom. It has a moderate amount of caffeine so no jitters here. For bedtime, I unwind with After Eight No. 65, an herbal tea with mint and chocolate. A grown up version of peppermint patties in tea form! I let the fragrant steam lull me to sleep as I take sips before slipping into dreamland. iLOLA’s teas are handcrafted to perfection, and they even invented the tea disc! Perfect for lavish cups of tea all weekend long.