We’re Nuts for Nailtopia

I’ll just say it. I’m a nail biter. It’s something I’ve struggled with since I was little, and it’s consistently been the New Year’s Resolution I’ve never been able to reach. The closest I’ve ever come to having healthy nails is when I used to have regular manicures. But it can be hard and expensive to maintain that lifestyle. And in the age of COVID-19, nail salons seem more unsafe than ever.

But thanks to Nailtopia’s vegan and chip-free formula, it’s easy and affordable to keep your nails done with color that lasts! All of Nailtopia’s striking shades are mostly plant-based and contain bio-sourced vegetables and fruits to nourish your nails while keeping them strong.

Nailtopia’s collection features 75 (!) beautiful and trendy shades, a base coat, top coat, nail polish remover, and kits designed to treat nail problems like dehydrated cuticles and brittle nails ethically.

For the best results, apply one coat of Nailtopia’s Base Coat, Started From The Bottom to clean, dry nails, and wait for it to dry. Then apply two coats of your favorite Nailtopia shade, and wait for it to dry. Finally, apply one coat of Nailtopia’s Top Coat, Top of Your Game, and wait for it to dry. As a bonus, snap a shot of yourself wearing Nailtopia’s nail lacquer and tag Nailtopia on Instagram at @nailtopiabeauty with the hashtag #nailtopiabeauty for a chance to be posted on their Instagram.

Here are some collection highlights:

Hustle Hard

Glow Up

Nails on Fleek

Trust the Process

Squad Goals

That’s the Tea

Shooting Stars

Slay All Day


Keep it 100

That’s Hot

Nails are Firm Kit

Nails are Long Kit

Nails are Nourished Kit

Nails are Strong Kit

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Gemma Lolos

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