Yves Rocher Launches in the US: Fantastique!

Yves Rocher is based in Bretagne, France, and is a global brand making its elegant appearance in the USA with an array of different beauty products for hair, skin, makeup, and more.

Here are some of our favorites, but there are scores more for you to plumb:

MAKEUP with a creative Yves Rocher twist
Yves Rocher eye shadow palettes have rich, shimmery hues for summer. The Lande Oceane eyeshadow palette (above) features nine colors that capture the Earth’s summer hues and terrains: a peacock blue, grass green, woods green, dark red and indigo, and sunny yellows and rose.

You can find lipsticks in matte or gloss that range from barely-there to full-on. The A La Framboise cherry-red gloss is light yet perceptible for a naturally beautiful vibe.

Their l’enlu mineur rayon nant Highlighter imparts a soft, sun-kissed glow to cheekbones and eyes, along with a more polished look.

SKINCARE that takes a deep dive
You can match your Yves Rocher skincare product to your skin type and your desired results, including a global anti-aging serum option that works on all skin types. The Pure Menthe Le Gommage Purifiant / Purifying Scrub expertly whisks away dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling soft and renewed, and can be used twice a week for optimal results. Follow up with one of the Yves Rocher comforting skin creams for night or day, as well as a concentrated, hydrating serum for the ultimate in moisturizing, smoothing, plumping, and healing skin with 98% natural ingredients. Choose your Yves Rocher skincare weapons in the battle against wrinkles, depending on your skin type and day or night application.

BODY for transformative baths and showers
The Yves Rocher Concentrated Shower body soaps/Le Gel Douche Concentre in Vanilla, Mango, and Olive Oil are divine. A small amount will go a long way, so a few drops will suffice for conjuring a showery paradise.

HAIR care for a stunning mane event
Yves Rocher has an array of different hair care products for your type of hair and hair problem, whether it’s dryness, color, shape or thinness/thickness. The hair Reparation Masque/Repair Mask in a 2 in 1 balm with jojoba and agave to reconstitute and renew hair that’s been damaged and is dry and brittle. Silicone-free, this masque create 20X more resistant hair with its deep repair. Try this masque on dry hair before shampooing or on wet hair after shampooing, your choice! The Reparation Detangling Balm is 99% natural ingredients and can replace drying, damaging shampoo. The Yves Rocher Solide Nutrition Shampoo Bar contains organic flower oils and is excellent for dry or very dry hair — plus it saves so many bottles from ending up in landfills and is sulfate-free. It smells incredible, too.

Visit Yves Rocher HERE and choose your own favorites. They are all tres affordable.