Beauty Insider: Summertime City Escaping & What Makeup to Pack for the Getaway


New Yorkers have been hip to the idea of summer getaways, escaping the sweltering city (with both long and short vacations) for a long time. We have such popular destinations as the Hampton’s, Maine, Cape Cod and a favorite place for my husband and I – Newport Rhode Island.

We booked our mini escape from the city, and as I was contemplating what to pack, I realized that I cared less about what I wanted to wear and more about what makeup to bring! Being a makeup artist you would think, “Oh, just go to your makeup kit and pull something out!” Well, I actually have my own separate stash of makeup that Is solely mine, and it does not get updated as much as you would think. I stand firm that makeup hoarding and excessive makeup buying is not good, but times like this call for a makeup celebration!

Now depending where you travel, you might not always be wanting to wear makeup. Maybe you’re doing some serious exploring, or hiking or water activities, but on a romantic summer escape with your partner, it would be a great time to break free of our traditional and simple non-makeup regimens. I am guilty as charged. Make your getaway even better by looking good, feeling good so if you need, reward yourself with a couple of new products to spice up your vacation!

A couple of makeup items I packed for my own getaway this month, were ones that made me feel a little more sexy and polished…all with an effortless application.

Eyeliner – For my sexy daytime look, I brought along a rich and vibrant eyeliner from Nars Larger than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via De Martelli. This is a very deep, reddish brown color and goes perfect with my hazel eyes and reddish brown hair. It was perfect for my daytime looks. I also wanted to build my look into the evening time dinners so I was looking for something new, sexy, and exciting. I found it in Laura Mercier’s new Kohl Liner Extreme. This is truly a stunningly little packaged eyeliner. It is so beautiful, I almost didn’t want to use it. You twist it up (not all the way up) and can either apply a line above your eye after you have put on shadow, or alone, and can smudge for a gorgeous smoey eye, in less the time because of the flexibility of the product, that allows you to either make small or large lines. To spice things up and really smoke out and define, carefully close your eye, stick the rounded point in your eye, and move back and fourth so that the product gets on your lower as well as upper waterline.

Primer – You can always use a good eye shadow primer, and I am always on the lookout for one unique in its own right. I got my hands on a new Eye Canvas from Laura Mercier, and it’s texture is unlike any other I have tried. The eye canvas neutralizes the eyelid color, and you can use it for the daytime when perhaps you just want a clean lid. What I personally like about this eye primer is the texture and the fact it comes in multiple shades. It is not too wet, not too dry, so I do not have to dust on a powder before I apply my eye shadow. I would suggests scraping out the product with the back of a small brush and put on the back of your hand as opposed to just dipping your finger or a brush into the jar. Keep it closed in between uses, and store in a dry, cool place if you can to retain the integrity of the product for a longer time.

Eye shadow – I was recently doing makeup for an event, and the client I was working on possessed a product she insisted I use on her — a cream shadow stick from Trish McEvoy, her 24 hour eyeshadow. After the product practically glided on to her lid by itself, I could see what all her fuss was about it. This product is a gem: True to its shimmering color, is crease proof and comes in five gorgeous colors. I just had to get my own! Try color Smokey Quartz, which is smoky without being too smoky. I used my finger so smudge out for a softer effect. It’s my new favorite product for sure.

Blush – Now, I am not usually a blush fanatic; it’s just personal. But if I do use one, it’s in tiny amounts, and in neutral, sheer colors. I recently found a blush that is showing me it is possible to have a natural looking blush. I’m not into the whole “super colored cheek” for daily life, but a little bit of color in the cheeks to perhaps balance out other makeup is a smart idea. These Duo Color blushes from Shu Uemura are great because of their sheerness and naturalness. Think of all the rosy and apricot cheeks painted on people who’s faces live in historical museums around the world. The blushes combine subtly vibrant matte colored cheeks and a pearly (not shimmery) highlighter. Very easy to use, and when paired together, it gives a really cool effect. It looked natural, and lasted all day.

Brow Pencil & Gel – It is the 21st Century in beauty, and a look is not complete without perfected eyebrows. I have pretty much mastered my brows (and the brows of others) but I am always on the lookout for a certain type of brow perfecter. Tiny pencils, and brow gels to name a few. Nars just released Brow Gel and Brow Perfector and they work hand in hand to tame, tidy, and groom your brows with ease. Use the small pencil to draw strokes of hair where missing (if any) and slightly elongate the tail of your brow. Then remove the excess product off the brow gel wand, and if too much, use a paper towel and lightly pass wand through, brush your brows with the wand first up, then over to set all day.

Lips – I am a massive fan of Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencils. I have been pretty much using the same color for myself for close to two years. What can I say, when you find what works… When Nars just released Mysterious Red in their new Fall collection, I decided to get it for my trip. The color is shockingly red, a true red, (and bound to draw much attention) but it really is a beautiful color, and what better time to wear than for a romantic summer getaway. Because this formula is not glossy, it wont make your lips look shinny, messy, or overdone. the velvet matte helps retreat some color, and keeps its still casual for a modest woman.

Happy Getaway.

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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