Beauty Insider: Are You Scared of Bold and Bright Colored Eye Shadows?

Are you scared of bold and bright colored eye shadows?

Well, if you are not experienced, you sort of should be, especially if you are new to makeup or have not yet mastered your basic daily look.

I won’t lie. Sometimes I have to steer my clients clear from their curious minds, which want them to wear such outlandish colors. Not because its lame to wear color; it’s just likely someone new to makeup will feel more comfortable wearing earth-toned colors.

There are the exceptions, though. Anything bright and intense applied without a basic understanding of balance in application might cause you to run into serious trouble.

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Does that mean I hate color? No way! It’s such a pleasure to look at something colorful; think of a peacock. Although there are no “rules” to makeup, there are a few things to understand about color and balancing it on your face.

The first and obvious fact is that bright, colorful makeup will draw attention to you. You really want to achieve a good balance and even out your complexion before you go adding in all these intense colors.

Correcting any darkness you may have under your eyes is essential and is the No. 1 tip for wearing a bright, colored eye shadow. Dark circles paired with a purple or blue eye shadow is certainly not a good look, and will not enhance anyone’s beauty.

Try to remember this. It’s not always about the color itself. It’s about the whole look incorporating the color. Color has many properties which include hue, tint, shade, tone, saturation, lightness, darkness and intensity. Chances are there is a shade of every color out there for your skin tone. Don’t be afraid; just remember how important it is to achieve the balance in your face before you enter tropical territories.

A few tips in the event you want to step out of the box and add some color to your makeup regimen:

Correct/Brighten/Concealer under your eyes: The deal with dark circles is that you can’t just use a “shade or two lighter than your normal skin tone.” If it is significantly darker, a lighter shade will just make it gray or ashy. Correct and/or brighten (cancel out darkness) with a concealer and focus on brightening.

I recently tried and loved the new Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer, which is truly that. It achieves a perfect consistency in its texture, which is not too wet, and literally glides on and grips to the skin under your eye while instantly lightening and giving a radiant subtle highlight under the eye, which distracts from any darkness.

It is always challenging for a concealer to have perfect staying power, but because of the semi-satin finish, it stays beautifully all day. I’ve used it on shoots and on myself. I like to put it on before the foundation, because it might eliminate the need for double product, which might result in “cakey” look under the eye. If you have any lines, wrinkles or crows feet on the outside of your eyes, I would recommend focusing this product on the inner corner of your eye.

Blush: You may be thinking, “Hold on, more color?” and you may not need if you have a rich pigmented skin. It’s really just about filling in that large area of flesh -your cheeks- with a subtle touch of a complimentary color. I recently made eye contact and instantly fell in love with the new blushes from Maybelline — Dream Bouncy Blushes!

They created a gel like formula which feels like a mix of powder and cream. These blushes have such a silky texture and apply so lovely. There are light and subtle shades, as well as beautiful pops of color. The deeper your skin tone, the more color richness you can take, but if you are fair skinned, just apply any of the bright colors in small doses! I love these blushes and have no doubts they will be permanent residents in professional and personal kits.

Priming your lid: This might be a special time for your bold lid, so you might as well make the best of it! An eye shadow primer will do wonders, and is strongly recommended. A tiny bit goes a long way and in addition to the color popping even more, it helps to prevent creasing and last. A favorite of mine is from Urban Decay – Primer Potion in Eden. Just make sure that you lightly dust some loose powder over your lid to set the primer before you apply an eye shadow as a wet lid + powder can equal muddy mess!

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