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Photo Courtesy of Bummy

“Our inspiration for this shoot was Brigitte Bardot, the epitome of French beauty and glamour,” our monthly columnist, celeb makeup artist Kerry Malouf said about the shoot she did makeup for, which resulted in the stunning photo above.

Bummy, the photographer, handpicked his team: makeup by Malouf; hair by Anton David; and styling by Lauren Matocha. It was a trio to be reckoned with, that’s for sure. Just look at the photo for evidence of head-turning glam.

Malouf continued, “We were all equally passionate about creating beautiful, sexy pictures and that we did. Our model was an amazing canvas to start with, so painting her face was a gift! I started by hydrating her skin with Sebbag’s Essential Moroccan Oil as a moisturizer, which leaves the skin feeling hydrated yet not greasy. This secret is one you must try!”

Another amazing secret Malouf was introduced to on the shoot is the chemical-free makeup line called Vapour Organic Beauty. “Vapour is a revolutionary concept in beauty,” Malouf revealed. “It’s antioxidant skin care and cosmetics working as one to create glowing, healthy skin and a more beautiful you, which is always music to my ears! After trying the actual products, I am hooked.”

Malouf evened out the model’s “gift” of a face by using Atmosphere Luminous Foundation which moves and breathes with the skin, reflecting light to create a youthful glow. She then used Illusionist Concealer “precisely where needed for extra coverage. This concealer is amazing! It effortlessly covers dark circles and blemishes and provides excellent coverage, but never deposits unevenly and does not clog pores,” raved Malouf. And trust us. She knows what she is talking about; that’s why she is our resident makeup artist columnist!

“I colored her cheeks with Torch Aura Multi-Use Blush Stick,” Malouf continued. “It gave a gorgeous glow to her cheeks. Aura can also be used on the lips and eyes.”

For her model’s sexy, intense, smoky eyes, Malouf used Smolder Mesmerize Eye Color Treatment, which imparts a nourishing wash of color. “To create the dramatic eye, I then framed her eyes by lining, smudging and layering Mesmerize Black Eye Liner. I love this liner!!!”

Vapour also makes a Trick Stick, which highlights the cheekbones, eyes and lips with a hint of luminous color in the most heavenly ways. “With a few quick strokes, the skin takes on a lustrous glow that appears to emanate from within,” Malouf pointed out.

Layered isn’t just for tees, cardigans and scarves this season, either! Layered makeup is another tip Malouf suggests, namely with lips! “I colored her lips with Siren Lipstick in Tempt, which is a nude, and Joy, which is a sheer gold,” she said. “I layer these two gorgeous colors that have ingenious blend of safe, food-grade ingredients. Siren contains no petroleum-based adhesives. How amazing is that?!!”

The look was finalized with a strip of eyelashes, which really pulled the entire glamorous look together. Our day was one to remember,” Malouf mused. “Beautiful, talented artists all inspired each other to create timeless pictures.”

Vapour Organic Beauty products are available at The 3 Graces, who are purveyors of the natural and organic. For more info, email [email protected].

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