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(Samantha Lennon also contributed to this article)

Our Beauty Insider columnist, the uber-talented Kerry Malouf, continues to beautify the world, bringing us her West Coast perspective since she is based in Los Angeles. She’ll be back next month after taking a brief hiatus due to working with Martin Scorsese. But Beauty News NYC is pleased to announce a brand new< East Coast-centric monthly makeup artist column where a real life makeup artisan will offer tips, tricks, techniques and insider trading, so to speak, on the beauty world and it's none other than Bronx-born Samantha Lennon. Each month, Miss Lennon will offer her unique perspective on beauty trends and products for Beauty Insider East while Malouf will rock Beauty Insider West.

Sam has been profiled in Beauty News NYC and has offered tips for our posts and features whenever we needed them, so we are pleased to hand this space over to her every month.

Consider Samantha Lennon your own personal makeup artist! She is one of the most talented artists working today and we appreciate her for her gift for “seeing” a face and enhancing a woman’s beauty in both subtle and bold ways, and for whatever the situation calls! Now, please, make Sam’s acquaintance.

Hello BeautynewsNYC! My name is Samantha Lennon, but you can call me Sam. It is really is a great pleasure to be here, and I want to thank you in advance for stopping by to listen to my makeup and skincare tips for the masses. A quick little bit about me: I was born and raised in the Bronx, in New York City and have been doing makeup for over 15 years. Areas I work in include: fashion, editorial, wedding, consulting and film. After seven years of working in the music industry, I decided to jump into freelancing full time, as well as provide personal makeup consultations in the tri-state area.

I love doing makeup for creative areas such as runway and fashion and following all of the seasonal trends, but my biggest passion is working with the everyday super woman, not perfect models with perfect skin. I like simplifying the makeup application process into a fun and easy routine. With seasonal makeup trends, I show you how you can translate the look into every day life. I look at makeup in a very logical way, and as more of a science than just an art form. Understanding your own skin type, and learning how to prepare your skin for makeup and what textures work best are just some of the things I like to write about.

In a consumer-driven world where marketers and companies compete hard to catch your eye, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the (sometimes expensive) product overload. I know the areas where you can save so much money, and the other areas where it might be better to spend a little more on the luxury product. For example, there are bronzers out there for $1.99 that are 10 times better than $30 ones.

I always welcome comments, feedback, questions and such and would love for an interaction. I look forward to providing useful information to you.

There are a lot of wearable trends popping up for the Spring. Two of my favorites, which pair so wonderfully together, are bronzed skin and gold eye makeup.

The product that has earned its way into my No. 2 most favorite product in my kit are Cargo’s bronzers. Their texture is the closest to perfection that i can imagine. For those unfamiliar with bronzer, or for those who think it is only to appear “tanned,” I use it to give dimension to the face and also to color correct. For a lot of people, their face tends to be lighter than their chest, and apply the bronzer with a large fluffy brush on your temples, into your hairline, and sculpt down into your cheek bones, down your nose, and chin gives you a more overall evenness.

I’m also loving gold eye shadow. If everyone had their perfect shade, it would be their favorite eye shadow. Modern makeup has found a way to create more creamy textures, and I would like to say I am a huge fan of a creamy gold eye shadow. Check out Bobbi Brown’s cream shadow in Burnished; she truly has a wonderful cream product that is meant to last all day and not crease.

Those who are a fan of the “dewy look,” these products are for you. It is also an extremely low maintenance look. For a little color on the cheeks, use a cream blush or cheek stain before you bronze.

Where to find Samantha Lennon on the web:
Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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