Beauty Insider February 2013: Love Thy Self

I always use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy myself a few new items of makeup to make myself feel a little more desirable, classic and romantic, and so can you!

When I think of what I am looking for, for Valentine’s Day makeup, I think of what a goddess might look like. I’m talking about blushing cheeks, lined eyes and red lips — it’s just the ultimate in gorgeous makeup. Like the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Apply your favorite foundation after a thorough prepping and priming of the skin. For step-by-step instructions, you can refer back to a blog post I wrote a while back here.

It includes a guide to achieving a perfectly balanced skin, which will be sure to make your makeup look flawless.

Be sure to groom your brows, and fill them in accordingly. I am a fan at how blush as the product has evolved. It went from being that awful pastel color peddled by drugstore brands in the ’90’s to the silky, subtle pop of color we wish we naturally had all the time.

A great friend of mine, Christina Vega, the Senior Beauty Advisor for Soho Sephora, let me in on a little secret involving the excitement for the new Smashbox Halo Blushes. They come in four glorious colors, and every one of you could find the shade you love from this universally flattering quartet.

Now would also be the time to rock the never-out-of-style look of the “cat eye.” Leave your comfort zone, grab a gel liner and a brush, and extend that line out. Be sure that the line closest to front of your eye is thinnest. It should go from thin to thicker as it goes outward.

A little tip would be to take two pieces of scotch tape, and tape a line under your eye to use as a guideline. A product I always go for in the nearest Duane Reade in the city is Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner. It’s a fraction of the cost of high end liners, and I personally cant tell the big difference.

Red lipstick needs lips that are as primed as your pre-foundation face. Use a heavy duty lip balm and exfoliate lips with warm water and an old toothbrush for maximum smoothness. Blot your lip balm off, and apply a lipstick primer; I have been a fan of MAC’s for years.

I am also a fan of applying the red lipstick first, and then applying the lip liner. I adore a red lip liner when the lips are a main focus. Blend in your lip line with the color, and press your lips together. Apply a gloss if you would like, but I think a red lip that is not topped with gloss is super classy, elegant and mature. Any red will do, Go to your nearest beauty store and find your favorite color. Experiment. Play. Explore.

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”
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