Beauty Insider – February 2015: Matte Lips Forever


Matte lips are so, so underrated. And I just don’t get it. The texture has come such a long way from the dry, powdery stuff you may remember from when the formula was first introduced. For women like me, who are makeup minimalists, a matte lipstick is just what we need to make a casual, cool and perfect statement that speaks of the wearer’s sophistication.

Picking out your best color options isn’t as hard as you may think, once I explain a little how mattes work.

Start with a shade close to your own lip color. Then depending on your skintone and your mood, either match, which means as close to your natural lip tone; deepen, which means “make darker,” brighten, which is to make lighter; or go out with a pop of color.

Some formulations are sheer and some are very pigmented and intense in their color. Don’t be afraid to experiment to create different effects!

Just make sure you have fully moisturized and then blotted lips before even thinking about applying. Cakes and flakes are good for bakeries, but never for your lips! Chapped lips are ALWAYS out of style.

A lipstick primer is always ideal in this situation.

Here are my top picks for some of the best brands and colors to create your perfect matte lip with.

Butter London: A “buttery soufflé” is how describe this wondrous texture. Swiped once on your lips, press them together and that should do it! These full coverage colors won’t feather or bleed, and the sleek packaging allows for easy application, control and portability. The brand is easily found all over the city (at Ricky’s, Sephora or Ulta) and I guarantee you won’t find anything like it. This is definitely my first favorite beauty find of the new year!

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils: This has always been my go-to product in the world of matte lips. It’s a pioneer in my eyes, My favorite shade is always in my bag and I’m able to apply it effortlessly without even looking in a mirror or reflective surface. The line impressively offers 19 shades and there are more than a few colors for every complexion.


Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Color: When I wear a shade from this line, I transform, instantly, into a sophisticated woman. This is matte color at its most elegant. Don’t be afraid of deep berries or bold colors, because the weightlessness of this product will allow you to pull off darker shades… or to at least build it to your desired intensity. It’s also a great daytime wear product.

Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color: A few different things make this product a winner. First, you can line, define and color your lips at once. Second, it’s long lasting and offers full coverage. Third, it’s retractable, so you don’t have to sharpen it, which is a huge plus when you use it consistently.

Also, regarding lip liner, you always need one or two. One that is closest to the natural shade of your lips and then the other should ne the color of your favorite color lipstick. Nothing is worse than a slip ‘n’ slide liner that feathers or doesn’t stay in place. I have found my new favorite lip liner and the perfect shade to go with an array of my lip colors. Here!

Cargo Matte Top Coat: When all else fails, you can turn any lipstick into one with a matte texture with this product. I suggest scraping off the product with a spatula, or a butter knife, and then use a lip brush with some width to mix and then apply it in one stroke. It will allow you to maintain the integrity of the product and keep it fresh every time. Blot lips together and sit back and be amazed at how this transforms your favorite lip color into something new and different, which is good!

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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