Beauty Insider: July 2014 – Eyes + Lips Are in Focus This Summer


Women tend to lean specific, feature-dictated directions when it comes to makeup. Either we focus on our eyes, on our lips or on our skin. Understanding the balance and relationship between features should be the ultimate goal of makeup and skincare.

Working with so many clients through the years has taught me this: Deep down inside, even if they don’t understand the art of application just yet, they know what their favorite or best features are and instinctively want to bring them out.

Naturally, some women have perfectly lidded eyes, like Marilyn Monroe, while others have full, pouty lips like Angelina Jolie. (Editor’s Note: I have said this before, but Sam has these. She has the most amazing pucker and she really paints it in such pretty fashion. She almost makes me want to switch from stick to gloss. ALMOST. #Seriously.)

Whatever the case may be with your features or physical gifts, always remember to enhance your them, all the while correcting any potential flaws. Once you have that down, you can convert any look you see and like into one that compliments your own face.

Since we are in the prime of the summer, lets tie this in with some fresh tips to help your focused makeup area last in this scorching heat!

Eye Focused: Maybe you have long, dark eyelashes that naturally curl. Lucky you. Or perhaps you possess a rare, unique and amazing eye color like Elizabeth Taylor or Vanessa Williams. You probably want to gravitate toward coats and coats of mascara or find any reason to smoke out your eyes. Eyeliner anyone? In this heat, make sure your lids are prepped for any eye makeup products. That means you need to be freshly washed and that you should use primers on your lid and face before applying makeup. Use products sparingly, too. Don’t pile them on. Fun summer eye products to try include gel eye shadows, waterproof eyeliners and color mascaras. If oil is an issue for you, consider using waterproof products.

Lip Focused: If you are blessed, genetically, with either full, heart shaped or pouty lips, it’s only natural to want to focus on this area. Feel free to experiment with many different colors and textures with minimal makeup everywhere else on your face. Experimenting with the lips, in my opinion, is more forgiving than experimenting with eye shadows when you don’t have application techniques down pat. Given the summer swelter, playing with lip products is the safer bet/route. Make sure you exfoliate lips if you deal with product build-up and remove and reapply lipstick shades if necessary. A few options to think about are different textures (matte, glossy) and colors (bold, bright). Pick your lip poison!

Remember to always have fun! You are not a slave to one look or product. But first master the basics as always, and remember that understanding the concept of makeup with your own features takes time. Not an incredible amount of time, but time nonetheless.

Enjoy the ride and the summer!

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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