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Nail art. Why the hell not? Art comes in all forms –simple, extreme, colorful, dark– so why not expand it to the nail region? This concept is very popular in Asian countries and is starting to catch on over here. That’s why I was game for a session.

The art lasts between 2-4 weeks without chipping at all. I am a full-time, working makeup artist here in New York City, which means my nails need to at least be very clean and neat. I prefer short nails on myself, so I was a little concerned short nails would not be the ideal length.

When I entered Studio L, an intimate salon on the 16th floor of a Manhattan building, I was greeted warmly by the owner Manami, who seated me immediately with Maria.

Maria is a nice girl from Queens with an Ecuadorian decent. She fell in love with nail art when she was apprenticing with Manami back in 2006. Maria, of Spanish decent, speaks fluent Japanese. What does this have to do with my service? Well, first off, I think that is rare and awesome that she was so in love with the art form and with Japanese culture that she travels to Japan every year (for about 8 years in a row) and is learning the culture. Secondly, she is very good at what she does and is quite passionate about nail art.

Maria informed me that my nails were perfect, and proceeded to show me panels of examples I could choose from. One panel had all the polish colors you could choose; another had designs such as lace, glitter, 3D art and even MAC‘s famed pigments.

Being a pretty simple gal, I opted for a beige color with black lace added, a flower and stone on each ring finger. Maria performed the service effortlessly as we were chatted. My cuticles were pushed back, cut, and filed, but it was not a full on manicure. She educated me about the service, and it was a very pleasant experience. There is no dry time –it’s pretty instant, and fab for ladies on the go with hectic NYC lifestyles- and they finished off with cuticle oil, hand massage and an awesome Japanese “bow” from Manami.

Prices range from $40-$65 and up, depending how elaborate you want.

I would like to reiterate that this kind of art could be for everyone. The design you choose can be as simple or extreme as you are. Everyone will find something they like, or bring in a photo, look in a magazine etc. I would highly suggest giving it a try at least once! You only live once, right?

To inquire about the service:

Studio L
247 W 38, Suite #1603
NYC 10018

To further discuss the experience with Sam, feel free to contact her at the means below.

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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