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Our columnist, celebrity makeup artist Kerry Malouf, also serves as beauty editor for Malibu Magazine, so she is beautifying the world in many publications. These photos were shot for the Beauty Pages of the October/November issue. The photos were taken at Jack Guy’s studio in Malibu. The stunning model is Sandrah Hellberg, with hair done by David Cox and makeup by Malouf, of course. It was, in two words, a dream team.

“We wanted to create a modern yet sexy, beachy feel,” Malouf said about the shoot’s vibe and vision. “We shot different pages with different hair and makeup. It’s amazing how less than five minutes and by swapping the lip color can change the entire face.” That’s where’s Malouf’s deft hand comes in.

“I used plum, red and bare color on Sandrah’s lips,” Malouf said. “I am really into smoky blue eyes as well as clean, tan skin, which is always timeless. David had her hair down, slightly wet, and pulled back, which completely changed her look as well. I love working with David as he inspires me. He enhances my creativity.”

Malouf also marveled at Guy’s lighting, which is crucial when it comes to photo shoots. Good lighting can make or break a quality image. She said, “Working with Jack’s lighting is always beautiful and I know we will have beautiful pages in the end. Having both of these guys on my team and a beautiful model makes painting a face an wonderful experience I can get lost in my work and that’s when I know I will create something I will love!” That’s what makes it makeup artistry and that’s why Malouf is at the very top of her game. Why do you think we gave her her own column!

For the shoot, Malouf used Le Metier de Beaute’s luxe products. “It is a makeup line that is beautiful inside and out,” she gushed. “LMdB are known for their high end ingredients. They use Hylaronic Acid in their foundation to keep the skin moisturized. The concealer helps get rid of wrinkles around the eyes because it has retinol in it. The mascara has bees wax in it, so it never dries out and conditions the lashes. I love the formulas used as well as the color in the line. Their chic, black packaging is so gorgeous that you want to leave them on your bath room counter. ”

Here’s how Malouf created the looks in these photos, broken down into tips you can apply to when you want to recreate it! Malouf revealed, “I started by massaging the Revitalizing Day Cream into Sandra’s skin. I then added Soft Touch Tinted Moisturizer. This is a sheer, light formula that you can layer, if needed, to create more coverage. I also added the Classic Flawless Finish Concealer to erase any other lines that the tinted moisturizer didn’t cover. The Blushing Bronzer Duet is a sure way to add a hint of sun and warmth to any face. It added an instant glow to Sandrah’s skin.”

Malouf also praised the line’s lip and cheek Fresh Tints, which add additional glow, and which you can read about more in this month’s Best Bets. “I added color to her cheeks and dabbed a little color on her lips. On her eyes, I layered True Color Eye Shadow. You can’t go wrong with these shadows. They go on smoothly and layer beautifully,” she declared.

She continued, “My favorite product of the month is the Precision Bleu liquid liner. This, you must try!! I drew a thin line on her upper lash line. Instantly, I was able to open her eyes with a hint of blue. Love, love, love. I framed her entire eye with the Noir Eye Pencil. Next, I used the eye shadow to create a soft line and a smoky feel. The Amorphic Lash Mascara is a ‘must try’ as well. It leaves the lashes soft and fluffy like real hair and it stays. I used the midnight blue shade.”

“To finish her look used the Colour Code Moisture Stain lipstick in Kona and Palm Beach,” Malouf said. “I layer the Lip Gloss in Bondi Beach and Umaparo. These colors on top of the lip and cheek Fresh Tints create a stunning color that stays as well.”

“David worked his magic by using Kiehl’s in her hair,” she said. “He was able to change her hair quickly and it just got better and better. I can’t say enough about David Cox,” Malouf gushed.

The photos are the raw shots without touchups! You can see how and what talent and beauty can create by virtue of these pictures.

Overall, Malouf said, “I encourage you to try Le Metier Beaute. Makeup is meant to be fun whether a makeup artist is painting your face or your doing it yourself. A little color goes a long way and LESS IS MORE! By using the right formula, color and tools, you can layer and create whatever look your heart desires.”

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