Beauty Insider: Spring Cleaning – A New Palette “How To” Guide


I find that women, in general, want just enough makeup to help them achieve a nice “perfected” look. From personal makeup consultations to private clients, NYC women just want something that is perfect, but that they can achieve easily. It is rare for someone to have a demanding career which involves drastic, different makeup everyday, so it’s in your best interest to have your basic makeup regimen down before you go exploring uncharted territories of dark, glittery and bright makeup. I sometimes get concerned over the idea of “makeup hoarding” and always do my best to prevent the continued habits of acquiring unnecessary amounts of makeup.

That’s not to say that you need to have a boring makeup bag! I only suggest you have the basics down before you start expanding your horizon. We all have our favorite singular eye shadow that we will use until the bitter end when we reach the bottom of the pan and then try to find a replacement somewhere. That is how it is in the real world! The best alternative now, and especially since there is so much value to them, is to buy a new palette (or two) every season. This way, you are not crossing the line, you have new options and colors, and you can have the “extra” options of shades you wouldn’t generally wear much of.

When I am looking for a new palette, I am generally searching for one that has mostly neutral shades, a satin texture and a few other “playful” options. As far as my blues, greens, purples, etc, I look for ones that are not so bright, and not so shimmery. A little bit of color is always a nice addition in small amounts.

I am a classic movie fanatic. I am also a fan of recent collaborations of movie-inspired makeup lines, usually inspired by the characters. I recently discovered two such palettes, which, when you put them together, hit a sensitive spot for me! They are the Glinda and Theodora Palettes from Urban Decay. Each palette comes in an awesome tin (tin, you get it?) adorned with gorgeous Oz the Great and Powerful-inspired artwork. These two insanely gorgeous limited-edition palettes have such a beautiful selection of color, and are a pretty good size for traveling with. They are both so unbelievably beautiful, I seriously cant decide which one I am more in love with. If you are in need of an upgrade this year, this might be a stellar option to start off this spring. They both have a wonderful option for natural as well as a more glammed up approach. Urban Decay even includes one of their amazing eyeliner pencils (black or eggplant) and their Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip pencil to complete each of the looks. They even have step-by-step instructions to help you recreate Michelle Williams’ and Mila Kunis’ looks from the film.

Another palette that has caught my attention this month is The New Happening Palette from Nars. Once again, it covers all needs such as neutral territory, the season’s trends and colors, and its world famous blush and bronzer all in one. The size is perfect for travelling, and all you need to change from a day to a night time look. Another great value for the price.

One last lovely palette for Spring is from Bobbi Brown. Her Lilac Rose Eye Palette adds a modern take on spring florals in heathery neutrals and dusty pinks designed to flatter all skin tones. The palette includes a range of textures, from Shimmer Wash to Metallic shades, for buildable color that blooms beautifully. These kinds of colors would pair lovely with a pink springish lip.

These palettes and their endless options should hold you off for the whole year as far as eye shadows are concerned. It doesn’t always make sense to buy individual colors when you can get an entire collection of a color story. Enjoy Springing into the new year!

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”
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