Beauty Insider: Summer Beauty Pairings “Get the Look” Series: Mega Lashes + Pouty Lips


This season, I am introducing my new Summer Beauty Pairings “Get the Look” series, bringing together different focal points of makeup into styles that work well together and that you can easily recreate.

You should always keep in mind that products and features must compliment each another in some way when worn together. Sometimes, it’s totally obvious what works; sometimes, it’s not that obvious at all. And sometimes, it’s what you’d least expect that works wonderfully, and that’s what makes makeup so exciting!

This summer, mega lashes with a pouty pink lip combine for a gorgeous look that will leave you feeling fresh, playful and a little bit flirty.

My sister Paige is wearing Ready To Wear Beauty Lash Extensions and Laqa & Co. Doppelganger Fat Lip Pencil.

Laqa & Co. Doppelganger Fat Lip Pencil: New York based Laqa & Co. started out first as master crafters of nail polish pens. They’ve moved on to high-end lip products in every sort of luxurious texture you can imagine, which come in an array of terrific shades, and packaged in beautiful artwork created by local artists, which is very cool. Doppelganger is a lovely peony pink color in chubby pencil form. The smooth, buttery texture coats lips in stunning, satiny color. The jumbo pencil doesn’t need to be sharpened, either.

Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss: Urban Decay’s Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss is insanely pigmented and is a high-coverage; the ultra-creamy formula lays down all the color you crave in one coat. These glosses aim to keep your lips at their plumpest and fullest. They are lip lust-worthy shades in all hues. Savage is my pick to add to this very pouty look.

Ready to Wear Lash Extensions: In the never-ending quest for mega lashes, Ready to Wear brings you a unique lash-boosting product that’s like having false eyelashes in a bottle! If you are concerned about sparse or short eyelashes, then meet your new best friend! Lash Extension picks up where your mascara leaves off, creating unprecedented volume and length that looks like you’re wearing false eyelashes. Applied between your first and second coats of mascara, while lashes are still wet, the brush applicator deposits tiny hair-like fibers onto lashes, bulking them up instantly and dramatically. This is NOT a mascara, but rather a product you use with mascara. It’s a mascara enhancer, if you will!

Ready to Wear Awake Eye Perfection Pencil: When I first saw what a white eyeliner can do, I was impressed. When I saw what a beige eyeliner could do, I was even more impressed. There aren’t many brands to have hopped on the beige eyeliner wagon, but I’m glad to have found Ready to Wear’s Awake Eye Perfection Pencil. Not only does this nude eye pencil instantly brighten the eye area, creating a wide-awake look, making the eyes appear larger, it’s also great for tired, reddened peepers. This soft, smooth, long-wearing nude eyeliner pencil highlights, brightens and diminishes redness or discoloration. Apply along the inner lower rim of the eye.

Paula’s Choice Fantastic Lash Mascara: I am calling it. This is my absolute new favorite mascara. Period. I have been spreading the this mascara’s gospel like wildfire. The brand is already my skin care obsession and these comb bristles make for a long lasting, effective mascara that seriously does not clump or smudge. I feel safe as long as I have Fantastic Lash by my side.

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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