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Eyebrows are one of these things I find so interesting about modern life , because it’s such a big deal, and yet such a tiny patch of hair above the eye. Do you think back in our “hunter gatherer” days people cared about shaping that little patch of hair, let alone paying upwards of $50 to do so? Definitely not. Either way, it can do wonders for someone’s face, and I am personally fascinated at the art of the brow shape.

Yes, there are people out there with naturally unruly brows, but for the most part, our natural brows fit the shape of our face. This is why I am against butchering one’s brows. I know there are still many recoveries of the ’90s and the 2000 eras, but you should definitely be looking to let them grow back as much as you can… just for the simple reason that one day they will no longer grow, and the face can easily be off balance. Natural, full brows have been in for quite a few years, and I hope it doesn’t go away. There is something so remarkably sexy about full, and slightly shaped brows.

Here is how to achieve them:

The mascara spoolie: The ones you see laying all over Sephora and department stores. Take a couple and never let them go.

Moisturize: The first thing I do is put a bit of moisturizer on my brows and let it sit for a minute. This will allow the skin to become supple, so the hair can easily be pulled out when you tweeze it. It makes the discomfort so much more bearable.

Do NOT overtweeze: The most important area of your brow is the beginning. You do not — I repeat DO NOT– want to take too much off this area. This is where the natural look comes in. If you tweeze too many hairs, you could make it round, too square, and it will be nearly impossible to match the other side. Literally just tweeze out the hairs from the center of your eye, the ones where it is obvious they do not belong.

Comb Upward, Tilt Head: Again, comb your brows upward, and this time tilt your head back. This will allow you to see the little hairs under your brow. Again, you are only taking out the hairs you absolutely know are the strays. If you would like, take a pencil and draw your desired shape; that way, you can then have a clearer view on the hairs that should be removed.

Combu Upward, Untilt Head: Untilt your head, and brush your brows upward again. This time, you want to take a safety scissor (I like MAC’s version) and literally trim any little part of the hair that shows above your shape, after you have combed them upward. Remember, start slow and you can always go back and trim again.

Other tips and techniques: Be easy tweezing hair on the top of your brow. This is also your “natural” shape. Too much removed will make them look off balanced.

The Tail: The last thing to remember: The tail of the brow. This is the area where most women cross the line! Yes in theory the tail should be a little thinner than the beginning of your brow, but not that much thinner. This could make or break your brow. When in doubt, draw your safety line with your brow pencil.

Hopefully this helps. You can go get your brows professionally done one time, and then try to maintain your shape. But please, be easy!

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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