Beauty Insider: The Three Most Important Things You Need to Know About Eyeliner


Eyeliner. That one word can evoke either happiness, or misery. Yes, really. And I am about to tell you the three most important things you need to know about this important product.

Let me explain. As a makeup consultant here in New York City, I, for the most part, come in contact with the cringers. The way I like to educate clients on applying eyeliner is first by explaining what eyeliner can and shouldn’t do. Eyeliner isn’t always for a “cat eye” purpose but rather it’s a way to enhance your own eye shape, create a new shape, correct the shape and more. I will always apply eyeliner on one eye and ask the client try to apply to the other eye on their own. Practice makes perfect.

I want to give you a little support and an overview on the different kinds of eyeliners, how they differ, what they do and how to successfully use them.

The “Pencil Liner”:

This is probably the most standard in the world of eyeliner. From here evolved all the other formulations that on shelves. There are pencils that smudge, while others stay put or are waterproof. Some twist up and down so you don’t have to sharpen; these are called “retractable”; and others come in chubby pencil forms. A standard eyeliner pencil that you should acquire first is the on-waterproof, since you are able to smudge a little without sacrificing staying power. Tips for shaky hands would be to dot or make dashes along your eye and then connect them. I recommend Urban Decay’s 24/7 Velvet Eyeliner Pencil for a perfect texture and modern look.

The “Liquid Eyeliner”:

Most liquid liners now a days come in a waterproof formulation and if they don’t, please don’t even bother. A liquid eyeliner tends to come in a pen shaped packaging and has a little felt tip that enables you paint a very fine line. It’s not easy to use if you don’t have a steady hand. Practice first with your pencil. You should actually draw on top of your pencil line with a liquid liner, in order to give you a little foundation on which to draw. Always remember to draw literally into your lashes to avoid any gaps between your lashes and eyelid. Once you have the swing of it, it will take you less than 10 seconds per eye to get on. I highly recommend Nars Eyeliner Stylo for an effortless, all day lasting line.

The “Gel Liner”:

A typical formulation of a gel liner comes in a little jar. The texture is very creamy and you essentially need to paint it on with an eyeliner brush. This is also one of the more challenging ways to apply eyeliner. A steady hand and a good eye are both needed to get those lines even and straight! What I suggest to beginners is to first draw a rough line with an eyeliner pencil, and then again use the brush to paint the eyeliner over the already applied pencil line. Always remember that the line goes thin (from the inside) to thicker (toward the outside of the eye) and a gel liner is great to control the thickness and intensity of the line. Gel liners also tend to stay put for the entire day so you shouldn’t have to worry about re-application. My go to product that comes with a brush at an exceptional price is Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

Anyway you want to line it, always remember that practice makes perfect. And from us to you.

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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