Beauty Insider: Time to Cleanse

This month, our Beauty Insider columnist, the lovely and talented celebrity makeup artist Kerry Malouf wants you to understand that it’s time to cleanse, both inside and out. “A juice cleanse, a clean, great skin care like Arcona and clean makeup is a great way to start the new year. I am always searching for the best new products to use and share with you and most recent find is Kide,” Malouf revealed.

Kide’s focus is baked mineral face powders and they are from the far away exotic Nordic land of Finland. They are baked on Terra Cotta tiles and packed in utterly fabulous birch wood boxes. “They are the epitome of eco chic,” Malouf declared, as she is a committed and passionate fan of green beauty. “Each individual box is wrapped in parchment and tied with a leather tie. It’s very cool packaging.”

One of the best things about Kide’s very unique packaging is that when you’re done with the product you can remove the tile and use the box for storing special little things.” Form and function is a Beauty News fave and Kide products serve that purpose after they’ve beautified you.

Malouf continued, “The range of products includes foundation, concealers, highlighters, bronzers, corrector, blush and finishing powder. Because each of the products are made from organic baked minerals, you can mix them with creams or lip gloss to make custom shades for your lips and eyes.”

On this shoot, Malouf used Vi Blush in Kissed, which is a mélange of 11 different shades. “There’s white, gold, brown, pink, red, coral, etc…. just a gorgeous, romantic color that creates warmth and glow,” Malouf explained. “The fun part is that color is organic, so you can use them for lots of different purposes. So, this blush can be mixed with clear organic gloss. We used Tela Plumping Lip Balm and created
our own special shade of lip gloss. So not only is the packaging one of a kind, but the product lives up to its unique packaging, too.”

The corrector NE is a big secret that the generous Malouf would like to share with Beauty News readers. She said, “It balances out the skin tone before any foundation is put on creating the right canvas.

Use the concealer SE to cover any areas needed: under eyes, on blemishes.” After correcting any skin issues, Malouf says “Swirl one of the six shades of KU Foundation over your entire face. The coverage is light to medium, it’s smooth and it gives your skin a beautiful glow.” And really, what looks more stunning that a winter glow?

Malouf also stressed the importance of using the right tools with these products. “The brush that is suggested is a Kabuki Brush,” she said. “The right brush is your best friend and you need the right brush to apply KIDE Foundation. Use a blush brush for highlighters, lowlighters. and blush.” She also suggests using a camouflage brush for applying concealer and a powder brush for bronzer, corrector and setting powder.

“Then it’s time to play,” Malouf enthused. “My favorite product is the Shimmering Highlighter Y in Gold or Silver to add highlight or overall sparkle or glow to your face and body, your hair or any place you want to call attention to! We used the KA Sunshine Bronzer, which is matte but has a golden highlight. Anyone of any age can wear it.” That’s important, since bronzers and highlighters can settle into fine lines and look unflattering if misused.

Lastly, the Translucent Finishing/Setting Powder “minimizes shine yet gives beautiful luminosity for a shoot or throughout the day. Just dust YSI and you’re ready to go,” Malouf said. “This is such a gorgeous line that! What I love about this mineral line is light to the touch yet gives the right color and coverage that you desire. It really the first of its kind.”

Kide is available at the Detox Market in Venice on Abbott Kinney; 14 Buddhas in Santa Monica;
Le Visage Spa in New Orleans; Artista in Scarsdale New York. Inquiries can be directed at

Secret of the Month

Malouf is spilling the beans once again. This month’s “Secret of the Month” comes courtesy of Tela Beauty Organics, which “creates products that deliver on a promise and perform throughout your world. The company strives to give back, whether in their thoughtfully, earth conscious products or in the their large percentages they give to charity. Tela Beauty Organics is a concept connected to all who inhabit the planet. Science and nature intertwined with a goal – beauty. I love the Sugar Scrub and Body Butter. The combination of these products leave your skin unbelievably soft and supple.”

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