Beauty Insider: To Glow or To Shine: Which Will It Be?

To glow or to shine, which will it be for you this summer? We know how easy it is to become a hot mess in NYC summers, so I write this to you with a grain of salt. To create a dewy, glowing look during the NYC summers may seem daunting enough, but I guarantee you that you can make the humidity work in your favor if you understand a few factors. It’s obviously easier to control your makeup in the winter and fall as opposed to the summer when you have the insane humidity and hot temperatures to battle.

First, get your skin balanced, prepared and in shape before you even THINK about applying makeup. Use a mattifying toner as well as a mattifying moisturizer. You want to give your skin backup and support to help prevent oil slicks. A special product I recommend for the summer and for brides is a Shine Stopper from Paula’s Choice. A pea-sized amount is all you need applied in your T-Zone area. If you are still a little oily, use blotting sheets liberally.

Now, you have a few options. You can either mix a few drops of a liquid shimmer into your moisturizer or use a radiant tinted moisturizer. I tend to stay away from foundations and, believe it or not, powders in the summer. Powder + oil = cakey. A great option, and something I strongly recommended for your makeup collection, comes from Lorac and it’s their oil free luminizer which will probably last you until your dying day. The best part about this product besides its finish is that it’s oil-free, and that’s what we are trying to prevent! What you would do is simply mix a pump or two with your moisturizer, and apply with a Beauty Blender for optimal results.

If you are not ready to play chemist, another phenomenal option is from Laura Mercier – her Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. Many makeup artists are already familiar with and in love with her Tinted Moisturizers, and rightfully so. But I am not sure her illuminating tinted moisturizer has achieved similar love…yet. This SPF 20 actually has proper SPF and UV prevention, and does not go overboard on the shimmer. Think radiance. To top it off, it’s fragrance-free. To control the amount of product that you apply, as always, use a Beauty Blender.

Speaking of, you need the right tools to apply your makeup for the summertime and beyond. Real Techniques recently launched a Duo Fiber Collection, which allows you to create buildable color, which means it doesn’t pick up too much product and thus land tons of excess fallout on your face. The bristles and shapes call for true multi-tasking: duo-fiber bristles work with cream, liquid or powder to deliver an unbelievably air-brushed finish.

The face brush can be used for bronzer, because again it picks up the slightest amount of product, which allows you to build and not overdo it during the heat. The eye brush can be used to highlight cheekbones. At the amazing price of $20 for the set, anyone can pick these bad boys up, no matter what your budget is.

Now on to the actual makeup! You can’t get to C without starting at A then passing B, which is why I always like to cover the bases and basics. Summer is all about getting sun in a healthy way, leading to a natural glow. Work off of that. A new amazing find comes from one of my favorite brands – Urban Decay which just released a new Naked Palette in Flushed. It’s a silky bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one. It comes packaged in a sleek and travel-ready compact. Who’s sitting at home in the summer anyway? Am I right or am I right? Urban Decay once again gets the textures down pat — meaning, a bronzer should not be too shimmery because a tan is darker and a shimmer is lighter. It should be either matte or a soft satin. The shimmer in the palette adds such a subtle glow, without being sparkly.

Use on cheekbones; in corners of the eyes; on the cupid bow of the mouth; or under the brow bone. I promise. It will be just the perfect amount of glow. The blush has a matte-to -satin texture. The palette is realistic and wearable for a wide range of complexions.

If you are just looking for the perfect bronzer alone, I would highly suggest the ones from Cargo. This product is unbeatable as far as long-wearing goes. They have selections of matte and radiant shimmers as well as water-resistant. I can tell you as a professional makeup artist these are among the favorites of some of the top makeup artists in the industry.

Using this product with your new Real Techniques Brushes is also suggested!

I hope this tutorial helps and give you the power to glow. Don’t forget that blotting sheets should be in your bags at all times! You glow, girl!

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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