Beauty Insider With Kerry Malouf: ’70s California Beauty


The easy, breezy, ’70s California girl is one of our favorite looks ever, and our celebrity makeup artist columnist Kerry Malouf certainly takes us there in this month’s Insider!

“The Photographer, Brian Bowen Smith, hair stylist Anton David and I were inspired to shoot a ’70s, California beauty look seen on Spring runways,” Malouf said. “There’s always neutrals, but it’s Spring time and you need to add a pop of color! Citruses, oranges, greens, blues. All the hues that you would actually see in textile in the summer vacation homes found in West Palm Beach and Palm Springs. Positive colors that invoke enthusiasm. It’s the good ol’ days!”

Color and the warm climate certainly got Malouf’s creative juices flowing. She said, “Combined with this inspiration and Hourglass‘ new, ‘must have’ products, we managed to achieve our goal. I like to keep makeup clean, colorful, fun and easy. I love stains. They look great on the skin. Who doesn’t look good even with a splash or a stain of fuchsia or tangerine on their lips or cheeks? It makes you look alive! A light stain and color on the cheeks just makes you look awake and fresh for the day.”

If Spring makeup is about looking effortlessly chic, then the Hourglass Aura range is exactly what you’re looking for, according to Malouf. “The products enhance, illuminate and highlight without color overkill. Aura boasts three shades for cheeks and three for lips that all produce the perfect amount of light coverage. Cheeks look as though they’ve been adorably pinched and lips appear as they’ve been passionately kissed,” she said.

Malouf also loves the texture and the lightweight feel of the products, saying, “They’re a wonderful alternative to powder blushes and heavier lip products. The cheek stain’s see-through color, while the lip stain has a trendy, semi-matte finish. I like that the cheek stain is water-based formula with real staying power that gives cheeks a gorgeous ‘lit-from-within’ glow. The packaging is very cool. It has a sponge tip that you twist until the color comes out. Also, the products are fragrance-free which is the best! Both are long wearing, but move when your applying and then it sets.” That’s key if you make a mistake or want to play with or build shade intensity!

“Being a makeup minimalist, I’m into stains,” Malouf reasoned. “You can get by on the cheek stain and lip stain and just a few coats of mascara. It gives you a subtle, refreshed look and a pop of color that lasts throughout the day. I used Petal on both girls on the cheeks and the lips.
These products are must haves!!!”

Malouf’s mantra from April through June? Simple! “This Spring, lighten up. Keep it colorful and have fun!!!!”

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