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This month, our celebrity makeup artist columnist Kerry Malouf celebrates the beauty of the basics. Like a crisp white t-shirt, a pair of black leggings, a nude lip or two coats of coal-black mascara, the basics are the building blocks of a look, whether it’s your ensemble or your makeup. You build up from there, and without the basics, you have nothing!

Malouf said, “Being a makeup artist for more than 20 years, fine-tuning my craft by painting thousands of faces, the key to creating beauty always takes me back to the basics.” Indeed, trends may come and go, but the basics create the memorable looks that last a lifetime. The basics never go out of style, either.

So, who is Malouf’s favorite natural beauty? “Kate Moss is a Natural Beauty. She’s timeless. I love her face,” she said. Thousands of photographers, cameras and magazine editors agree! Look at the natural, basic look she sports on the Vogue cover above – it doesn’t get more basically beautiful than that.

Malouf continued, “I co-created the makeup line for Jouer Cosmetics. Today, I use this system on myself daily and on the faces I paint to create a natural looking canvas. If needed, I add more color on the eye, cheeks and lips.”

So follow all of Malouf’s tips and tricks if you want to create a flawless, basic but beautiful look.

Malouf starts by hydrating the skin with Arcona and then by applying Jouer Moisture Tint to the entire face. “It evens out the skin and gives me the SPF I need for the day,” she said. “It also gives the skin that extra glow which we all love! I then apply RMS concealer under the eyes and any additional area where coverage is needed.”

Next up is Sunshine Bronzer by her beloved Jouer. Malouf declared, “It is the best. I helped create it and I love it. On the eyes, I sometimes keep it as simple as applying the RMS concealer on the lips, followed by framing the eye with liner in Suede. Then Yves Saint Laurent Mascara.”

She continued, “On my lips, I use Veronica by Jouer. It’s a gold shimmer lip product and I can’t live without it. On the girls and women I work with, I usually use one of Jouer’s All-OverTints. Dahlia and Amaryllis are my No. 1 picks. I apply a thin layer to the lips and cheeks if a little more color is needed.”

See how easy it is!

“It’s as simple as that,” Malouf said. “Keeping makeup simple is the way to go. The good news is today we have excellent products to choose from and a lot of good teachers to show you how.”

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