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We all need inspiration in some form, and this month, makeup artist and Beauty Insider columnist Kerry Malouf takes us through the inspiration she found for creating this particular look.

“August is the perfect month to enhance your natural beauty with color,” Malouf said. “Don’t be afraid of color. Embrace it. While designer John Galliano has said, ‘Dior women are not shy – they’re modern and daring,’ we have to agree with it and say that Miss Italy in the World crown holder Fiorella Migliore (pictured) is definitely a Dior woman!”

Malouf also said, “To go along with the designer TYSA, whose inspirational collection is gypsy-like and free spirited, I decided to focus on Fiorella’s beautiful eyes by creating mysterious, smoky lids and light but smoky and full lashes, along with strawberry-kissed cheeks and soft , sheer berry for the lips.”

For the day they spent shooting in Malibu, Malouf used Dior’s sheerest foundation, DiorSkin Nude to even out and enhance Migliore’s skin, along with DiorSkin Hydrating Concealer under her eyes. She swept DiorBlush in Strawberry Sorbet across her cheek bones and dusted DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Powder, too. Malouf said, “I framed her eyes using Dior’s limited edition, two-colour, silver and sparkling black shades to light up the eyes with a dramatic, shimmering effect. I used sheer Ruby Serum on her lips”

Malouf also said that designer Tysa Wright of TYSA inspired her for this shoot with this amazing “Gypsy Dress.”

Malouf said, “In the other shots, the white slip dress is the ‘Bliss Dress’ and the Indian Summer Print is the ‘Lyric Vest.’ The designer’s versatility is no surprise once you understand that one of her primary inspirations comes from the 24/7 lifestyle of rock n roll. Wright herself commented, “One of my main style inspirations is Anita Pallenberg. I draw so much inspiration from music. I love everyone from Chrissy Hynde to Patti Smith to Billie Holiday to the Rolling Stones to Pharell and John Lennon.”

Along with music, travel is also an integral part of the TYSA story. The designer-cum-rock’n’roller said, “I get so much inspiration for color wherever I travel: Amazonian greens, the orange of an Indian sunset, the red of the East African soil, and a Caribbean turquoise all mix flawlessly with more urban shades of black, brown and khaki.” This all effects Malouf as an artist, as she said, “She always leaves me wondering what will her creative mind come up with next and she inspires me with her collection every season.”

Hopefully, you dear reader were inspired too!

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